Ashley Hauver

Medium Interactive

“I recommend everyone travel with this WONDERFUL group of people! I had never been out of the country and was even traveling solo. Ann, Ryan, and Aaron made me feel comfortable and safe the entire trip! They weren’t just our leaders they became our friends and made sure we had the best times of our lives! A perfectly planned itinerary that was flexible to accommodate what anyone might want to go out and do. Jared and Ann have mastered putting together a trip that not only includes fun and relaxation but also teaches you about the culture and environment you’ve traveled to. I traveled to Costa Rica and had the most amazing adventure I could have ever imagined. I learned about the wildlife and how they try to preserve it, even how I can help! I now plan to return very soon to help at one of the wildlife rehabilitation centers we visited! This is all thanks to Gondwana Ecotours and the people behind it! PURA VIDA my beautiful new friends. I hope to join you again soon!”

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