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Ecuador’s Amazonian jungle, known as the Oriente, is a thrilling region that overwhelm the senses and make up nearly half of the country’s total area. The sound of birds and insects permeate the airwaves, pink river dolphins swim its rivers, monkeys hang out in the canopy above, and incredible plants and trees clamor for sun and survival. We think the Ecuadorian Amazon is an absolutely incredible place to visit!

Here are a few suggestions for things you can do, see, and experience in the Ecuadorian Amazon:

Discover the Amazon’s Amazing Rainforest Biodiversity

The most visited region of the Ecuadorian Amazonas is the Yasuni National Park. It is a paradise of biodiversity! The most biologically diverse spot on the Planet, considered a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. It has more than 200,000 species of fauna. Also, you can enjoy the view or Schedule a visit to the Sangay National Park and the Altar volcanoes that are very close. The main river of the zone is Napo. As part of the wildlife of more than 900 species of birds and 600 species of fishes that can be seen are the sloths, capuchin monkeys, tapirs, jaguars, and different types of amphibians like emeralds or constrictors boas, anacondas, deer, armadillos…

Go Birdwatching

One of the top activities of the zone is visiting the locally known Lamedero de loros. Loro in English means parrot. During some hours of the day the visitors can see how birds lick the clay. Believe me! It is a beautiful scene of colors.
Some of the best lodges of the zone are Napo Wildlife and Sacha Lodge. Some of them have their own observation towers for bird watchers. Up there you can see an incredible view of the jungle, and even the Andes can be observed at the horizon. It is a perfect activity for bird-watchers. There are a great variety of birds such as parrots, orange cheeked, white eyed parakeets, scarlet macaws and others.

Navigate the Amazon River

Some of the previously mentioned lodges allow visitors to do kayak in the rivers. Navigating across the rivers is an incredible experience of vegetal exuberance. The millenary ceibos are a typical tree of the zone, very beautiful and colorful. The other option to navigate along the Amazon is by cruising the river. The best one is the Anakonda River Cruise and the Manatee River Cruise. This option also allow guest to do kayaking or walking through the rainforest.

Interact with Native Peoples and Get a Glimpse of their Cultures

You can live a very cultural experience learning more of the indigenous communities of the zone, where the traveler has the opportunity to be in touch with ancestral traditions. Shamanic activities are one of those traditions, or the Quichua Añagu, as well as the traditions of the community called Sani Sani. The experience with local populations allow tourists to learn the traditional crafts, the typical crops and to taste indigenous gastronomy.

Butterfly Lodges

Another attraction for tourists are the butterfly lodges, a spectacular experience that kids greatly enjoy. Visitors can observe a magical moment of nature: the process of a caterpillar to become a butterfly.

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