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Not only are our activities hand-crafted, but our local guides further enhance your experience by bringing you to each region's best kept secrets while avoiding tourist traps.

Marcial Amable Vasquez

“Educated as a geologist and a professional mountain guide, I possess lifelong experience in the tourism industry. In addition to my more than 25 years of guiding experience and my excellent organizational and logistical skills, I was also the director of the Ecuadorian Guide Association (ASEGUIM), which means that I have a huge network of qualified guides, whether you’re looking for such services for a culturally based trip or for a challenging mountain expedition.”

Formal education:
Geology & Tourism

Iris Schriefer

“To live in a beautiful place, to have an interesting job and to meet interesting people were always my dreams. As a guide in Ecuador, these all came true. I would be more than happy to show you this beautiful country and share my enthusiasm for it!”

German, Spanish, English
LMU München (D), UTPL (ECU), Cenestur (ECU)
Nature watching, reading, enjoying family


“I've worked as a tour guide for about five years. My passion is discovering and enjoying new experiences daily; therefore, Ecuador is the perfect place for me. I strive to learn about and understand nature, as well as convey this passion to others. I have the pleasure of working with people of different nationalities and showing them something of the culture and wealth that my country has to offer. I currently live in Quito, Ecuador.”

Spanish, German and English.
Ecotourism and Biology
Birdwatching, hiking, cycling


“I am a professional tour guide who has 20 years of experience leading tours throughout Ecuador. I chose this career because it allows me to be in contact with nature and people. My areas of interest are the diversity of birds in Ecuador, the nation’s wonderful flora and its spectacular volcanoes. My country is a surprising and well-preserved destination, which I invite you to visit – not only to observe, but to experience it. I would love to meet you and introduce you to the most authentic aspects of this South American paradise.”

Spanish and English
Eco-tourism at the Equinoctial Technological University
Bird watching and photography

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