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Lorena Ledesma

Ecuador Guide

About Lorena Ledesma

Lorena was born in the capitol city Quito, Ecuador. To enhance her prior interests in Global and Local Tourism, Lorena studied Ecotourism at the Universidad Catolica del Ecuador. While in school, she expanded her knowledge of Ecuador’s vast biodiversity and the interaction between tourism and local communities in their natural environments. After graduation, Lorena started guiding professionally, in order to help preserve both the integrity of indigenous communities and the current ecosystems through her career. Lorena has eight years of guiding experience throughout Ecuador, most of this time being spent in the region she is most passionate about – the Amazon. Experienced in birding and very knowledgeable about reptiles and amphibians, Lorena finds every animal fascinatingly unique and she loves educating visitors about Ecuador’s wildlife. Her favorite aspects of guiding include: meeting interesting people from all parts of the world, exchanging cultures, observing wildlife and sharing her passion.


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