About Gondwana EcoTours

Gondwana Ecotours shows you your destination in a unique, exciting and responsible fashion. We are committed to providing sustainable travel — maintaining an environmental and cultural focus while providing the vacation of a lifetime! Tour the Amazon Rainforest with indigenous guides, Encounter some of the last remaining mountain gorillas in the wild & contribute to their preservation, Safari in Tanzania and visit with the Maasai people, watch the Northern Lights dance in the sky without the crowds… hike with grizzlies in Alaska. Feel free to Contact Us with any question, any time!

All The World As One

What is Gondwana Anyway?

Gondwana was part of the Pangea supercontinent, when all the continents were together and the world was one. Gondwana Ecotours aims to bring people from different continents closer together one trip at a time.

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Meet Our Guides

Our handpicked guides are experienced, professional, personable, conscientious, fun-loving and extremely knowledgable.

Jared Sternberg

Founder & Guide
With his infectious curiosity, passion, and empathy, Jared is a friend to people and places all over the world.
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Eric Segalstad

Vice President
After two decades of working in the travel industry Eric spends much of his time marketing and driving operational efficiencies.
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Ola Olenska

Director of Sales & Operations
Ola strongly believes that sustainable tourism is the future of travel and is passionate about planning small group trips.
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Elliot Hunker

Operations Manager
In addition to easing the stress felt by host communities, Elliot believes that small-form ecotourism is key to creating bridges across cultures and generations.
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Lorena Ledesma

Ecuador Guide
Lorena has eight years of guiding experience throughout Ecuador, most of this time being spent in the Amazon.
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Alaska Guide
Fred is an environmental engineer/scientist who discovered he loves showing Alaska to people.
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Tanzania Guide
After several years of working with animals he studied to obtain his Driver/Guide Certificate issued by the Tanzanian government.
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Tanzania Guide
His knowledge of both flora and fauna as well as the various cultures guarantee that you are in safe hands when on safari with him.
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Tanzania Guide
Noel took his advanced Tour Guides Certificate at Mount Meru college of Tourism and can spot animals from hundreds of meters!
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Chef David Abshire

Cajun Guide
Has grown up here in Lafayette and knows the best recipes for all those classic dishes.
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Captain Shawn Guchereau

Cajun Guide
Grew up on Lake Martin learning about the plants and animals that live in this incredible swamp.
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Argentina Guide
Dani Catania is an expert with more than ten years of experience guiding people through his native Patagonia.
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Gregory Bakunzi (1)

Rwanda Guide
Gregory is co-founder and president of the Ruhengeri Community and specializes in cultural tours and ecotourism.
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Janet Vreeman

Northern Lights Guide
Travel with warm-spirited Janet — an expert on the Northern Lights and is great at helping our guests capture the perfect shot.
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Aaron Hartley

Cajun Guide
Aaron knows New Orleans like few others, is a natural entertainer, a licensed chauffeur, and will get you to the next stop on the itinerary with smile and laughter.
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We’re Committed To Sustainable Travel

Recognizing the need to preserve the cultures and ecosystems of the places we travel requires responsibility, sustainability & respect throughout our travels. Our sustainability principles guide us towards a prosperous future for our planet.

Learn More About Our Sustainability Principles

“I definitely recommend Gondwana Ecotours to everyone! Our Alaska trip was well organized, fun, flexible and balanced. Not to mention Jared was a great guide and also an awesome guy! He really cares about the mission of Gondwana Ecotours and it was great to be a part of it. Can’t wait to go on another trip!”

Talesa Bleything

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