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Gary Howell

Senior Alaska Guide

Gary Howell

Gary has lived in Alaska since 1980. His family first lived in Ketchikan for four years before they moved to the Matanuska Valley – where Gary has lived ever since.

From a very young age, Gary has spent his time exploring all things related to the outdoors; fishing, hunting, hiking, biking, running, skiing, and just about anything else a person can do where your only limitations are the clothes you have and the food you bring with you.

Gary was an English teacher for 22 years, coached running teams to five state championships, competed at a high level in wilderness marathons, and figured out a way to explore just about every part of Alaska a person could ever want to see.

From the North Slope to Southeast Alaska and everyplace in-between, Gary’s passion is finding adventure and soaking in every moment that makes this place exceptional.

“I find peace walking in the woods or hunkered in a tent during a vicious storm,” Gary says. “Alaska has given me far more than I can return, and I look forward to sharing my home with Gondwana’s guests!”