Responsible Travel Policies

Environmentally Responsible Travel

Responsible Travel Policies

At Gondwana Ecotours, we are a print-free company. Unlike the majority of small-group tour companies who use printed brochures, we only use digital brochures and our website. We do not mail anything to prospective travelers or our clients. We do have a few ads that come out in printed magazines (Nat Geo Traveler), but otherwise we are entirely print free.

We send out digital pre-trip guides to all of our travelers, complete with information about reducing water use during their trips. Additionally, we provide reusable water bottles during the majority of our trips and encourage guests to use them. In fact, we give them to them to keep and take home with them!

We provide information on how to safely visit wildlife such as mountain gorillas or animals on safari. We never work with anybody who feeds or baits wildlife. We recommend reef-safe sunscreen to all of our guests, we teach our guests about carbon offsetting and we offset their flights on their behalf. We also only do small groups and we educate on global and local environmental issues.

Economically Responsible Travel

We always use local guides in every tour. We also use mostly locally owned businesses (boutique hotels, restaurants, activity operators, etc).

We use many farm to table restaurants and often visit local farms such as in Alaska and Louisiana. We even learn how to make banana wine with locals in Rwanda!

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