Tour Guides As Voices Of Sustainability

Our guides transmit our values and core principles about sustainability through education, entertainment, and embodiment. 

Great tour guides wear many hats and can draw from a range of knowledge and skills. At the core of their role, a guide’s responsibilities are to keep guests safe, oriented, and entertained so they can relax and enjoy the journey. During their time with guests, they become the face of the organization, transitioning into the primary human contact for guests after sales emails and calls. Guides have a crucial influence on the experience and memories guests take with them after their trips.

Grizzlies & Glaciers Tour Guide With Bears

Gondwana Ecotours Guide John Stewart at Brooks Falls, Katmai National Park & Preserve on our Glaciers & Grizzlies Adventure.

Due to their considerable influence, guides are central to advancing the values of whatever company they represent. In sustainable tourism, this is especially true because of the specific set of values and ethics that define this industry. If the guide does not embody the values of the brand, it harms the company, as this alignment of brand and guide is where company integrity is built.

At Gondwana Ecotours, our guides transmit our values and core principles about sustainability through education, entertainment, and embodiment.


Throughout the course of our various adventures, our guides are constantly educating our guests about the various ecosystems and cultures we explore. They role model a kind and generous relationship with local partners and the land. We entertain our guests through personal stories, history lessons, and activities that better connect them to the destinations we visit.


We also hand out fun swag along the way. Whether it’s a buff to help keep their neck warm and comfortable, a water bottle or coffee container to help them practice recycling and reusing, or a handmade journal to help them reflect on their experience, we know that keeping their spirits high is the best way to get them to entertain the ways of environmental stewardship that we champion.

Gondwana Ecotours Alaska Tour Guide and Guests

Guides Greg Santanna (left) and John Stewart (front) with guests on our Northern Lights Adventure in Fairbanks, Alaska.


Knowing that our guides are our frontline ambassadors and change-makers, we seek guides that embody and exude Gondwana values, demonstrating care for themselves, the group, and the land. Maya Angelou wisely taught, “[…] people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” At every level (words, deeds, and vibes), we know the quality of our guides is vital to our mission, in service of a more sustainable world.

Experience the beauty of sustainability and responsible travel with our guides on one of our adventures.

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Written by John Stewart, Gondwana Ecotours guide in Alaska and Louisiana. 

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