Subject of the Anthem for the Amazon

Anthem For the Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon Aid Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to the cause of protecting the Amazon Rainforest. While saving the rainforest doesn’t seem to be on tip of our tongues in the way it was in decades past, with climate change as the pinnacle of our planet’s worries, saving the Amazon Rainforest has never been more important. From the Amazon’s massive importance in storing carbon and affecting weather patterns to being the home to nearly 30% of the species on Earth (and a number of indigenous groups) the global importance of this world cannot be understated.

The Amazon Aid Foundation works directly with ecologists to take the most recent scientific research and translate it to the public. This translation can take the form of integrative science, art, or multimedia projects. Recently, the Amazon Aid foundation organized a project called Anthem For The Amazon. They gathered 500 children from 50 countries to sing an anthem dedicated to the importance of the Amazon Rainforest.

“Breathing life into the world” is the chorus of the song that extols the virtues and absolute necessity of this ecosystem. The symbolic act of bringing together the voices of the next generation from all over the world to rally around this important cause is inspiring and undeniable.


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