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Fort Lauderdale Daily Feature: Bucket List Travel

Once in a Lifetime Destinations

Oh, the bucket list. That constantly growing to-do list of experiences; some possible, some fantasy. Usually, travel is high up on the list. In this vein, Fort Lauderdale Daily has included Gondwana’s Amazon Awakening Ecotour in their article, 5 International Destinations To Add To Your Bucket List. Writer, Gloria Stewart made a collection of exotic vacations that will cure any kind of wanderlust.

For some, planning a vacation isn’t a fun part of the travel experience. It takes time, research, and is especially hard when you don’t know the country’s language or culture. That’s a big reason why Gondwana hand-crafts each tour, so you don’t have to. On the Amazon Awakening tour, the trip will explore Ecuador’s indigenous cultures, the Amazon Rainforest, and delve into the city life of Quito.

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Cultural Exchange With the Achuar

“Venture deep into the rarely accessed Amazon Rainforest to meet the indigenous Achuar tribe of Ecuador, a tribe of 6,000 indigenous people still living traditionally in small Amazon communities along the Ecuadorian and Peruvian border.” As we bring visitors into the Amazon to meet the Achuar, we approach their culture and environment with respect. The world has much to learn from the Achuar in terms of how they treat the planet, and this cultural exchange is an opportunity to step back and consider how our choices impact the earth.

Explore the Amazon Rainforest

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Waterfall in the Amazon

The Amazon Rainforest and River is one of the most pristine, living ecosystems on the earth because the indigenous people have protected it for thousands of years. On the Ecuador ecotour, this “…adventure explores the world’s largest river system by foot, plane, motorized canoe and kayak.” Searching for exotic birds, pink river dolphins and marmosets, allows travelers to have one-on-one time with native animals, while being led by a professional Achuar guide.

Continue the Adventure in Quito

This adventure begins and ends in Quito, Ecuador’s capital city. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, known for its colonial architecture, the city has some of the best-preserved cathedrals in South America. Seeing how modern high rises intertwine with the historic buildings creates an interesting juxtaposition between old and new. Comparing this beautiful city to the wildness of the Amazon Rainforest creates a well rounded look at how life has evolved in this country. “Finish the journey by exploring the lively streets of Quito,” and get a glimpse of how Ecuador’s history has integrated with it’s future.

Hand-Crafted Ecotours

Visiting South America is on the bucket list of many travelers. Choosing the Amazon Awakening tour fills that goal, while making a difference in the lives of the indigenous people and environment. This is the kind of trip that changes your perceptions and broadens your knowledge of other cultures around the world.

Cross Ecuador off Your Bucket List!

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