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Dreaming of a visit to the Amazon Rainforest? The Los Angeles Times has recommended Gondwana’s tour of Ecuador to their impressive audience. Writer Anne Harnagel shines the spotlight on the tour’s visit with the Achuar, an indigenous tribe and the nature treks that guests get to experience. Being featured in the Los Angeles Times is an amazing opportunity to share the Achuar tribal culture with the world.

“Visit the Achuar, a tribe of 6,000 indigenous people who still live traditionally in small Amazon communities along the Ecuadorean and Peruvian border, on a seven-day tour.” With a culture that has been only lightly affected by the modern world, travellers get to step back in time, and experience an ancient way of life. Learn more in our blog post: Who Are The Achuar?

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Volunteering and Travelling in Ecuador

Gondwana “…founder, Jared Sternberg, was an English teacher in an Achuar village” before bringing his tour company there, years later. With this volunteer opportunity, he was able to learn about the Achuar tribe’s beliefs, customs, and traditions from the inside. Donating your time is an exciting way to live like a local and experience a new culture. Whether teaching english, working on a farm, or spending time in the community, there are tons of resources for volunteering while travelling. True Travellers is a great place to get started! Start researching different organizations to see what opportunities are available.

Though the Achuar have resisted outside companies developing in their territory, they have created other businesses that sustain their community. For instance, “The remote Kapawi Ecolodge is home base for a weeklong excursion on to the Amazon region of Ecuador.” Achuar owned and operated, this Ecolodge includes modern comforts while staying true to their beliefs. Using locally sourced building materials and solar energy, the Amazon ecosystem is protected by their sustainable efforts.

Connecting With Nature in the Amazon

In many modern cultures, and especially for city-dwellers, nature and daily life are completely separate. For the Achuar, living deep in the Amazon Rainforest means living at one with nature. Having Achuar naturalists to teach travellers about their ecosystem is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. As guests “…explore the world’s largest river system; search for toucans, caimans and howler monkeys with Achuar guides…” a newfound appreciation for this important ecosystem will develop.

Part of Gondwana Ecotours’ mission is to bring awareness to unseen people and ecosystems all over the world. Interaction between travellers and locals helps people learn from each other’s cultures and lifestyles. This newfound awareness seeps even deeper, as we realize that the world, both manmade and natural, is interconnected.

Check out the Amazon Awakening tour & learn more about the Achuar culture.

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Cultural Exchange at it’s Finest

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