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I am the owner of a travel company, Gondwana Ecotours, that offers adventures in Alaska, Rwanda, Tanzania, Peru, Ecuador, and Norway, with more destinations coming soon. Despite the huge variety of terrain and climate on all of our trips, I always pack a pair of Lems shoes. I use the Boulder Boot around home, and even on some of the more intense hikes I do.  A lot of guests are looking for recommendations for shoes and I’m always very happy to tell them about Lems. The fact that they are vegan, family-owned and great for travel makes it easy to feel good referring them business. I wore my boots every day on my last trip to Tanzania.

In addition to Carbon offsetting your flights and visiting with the Maasai on our Tanzania Wildlife Safari, Gondwana has developed an initiative to build a water bore in the Engikaret Maasai village we visit on our trip. Currently, the village does not have reliable access to clean drinking water. This project aims to solve that problem for years to come. Gondwana will donate $100 for every guest who joins us in Tanzania. Additionally, Lems has also offered to help raise money for a Maasai village in Tanzania.

Lem's Travel Shoes

Lems Travel Shoes

For every pair of shoes bought using the code Gondwana15, Lems will donate 15% of the purchase price towards the water bore. These shoes are made without animal products, are lightweight, durable, comfortable, easily packable and fantastic for travel. Best of all, I’ve been wearing mine for years, and they are still going strong. The boulder boot is especially great for trips in Tanzania. I encourage everybody to visit and order a pair to find out for yourselves why I am so keen to refer them. Your feet will surely thank you.

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