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What Are The Benefits Of Senior Travel Tour Groups?

senior group travel in Mountains of ArgentinaFor many seniors, Argentina is the new retirement vacation hot spot! With its blend of cosmopolitan cities and breathtaking natural destinations, travelers have the opportunity to enjoy city life and get outdoors for adventure all in one trip. Fortunately, there are many Argentina tours for seniors that make traveling easy. Small group tours can be an excellent option for people of all ages who want to leave the planning and logistics to someone else. The benefits of Argentina escorted tours include:

  • Meet new people - traveling in a small group offers you the opportunity to make new friends, who will often remain friends long after your trip is over. Have more fun while traveling with a group of like-minded people!
  • Worry-free travel- sit back and relax while the tour company handles all the details of the trip.
  • Knowledgeable tour guides – your guide will draw on local knowledge to create a culturally enriching experience for your group. Often, local insight means behind-the-scenes access to off-the-beaten-path locations that will help you discover something new.
  • More bang for your buck – traveling with a small group (rather than on your own) means that you will get group discounts at restaurants, historic sites, and more.
  • Peace of mind – if you feel more comfortable traveling with others, a small group tour may be just the thing for you! Traveling in a group offers peace of mind. Plus, a tour guide is a trained problem solver and is always there to help navigate unexpected travel surprises.

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Planning The Perfect Argentinian Getaway

From exploring the vibrant city life of Buenos Aires to embarking on a breathtaking adventure in the wild landscapes of Patagonia, Argentina truly offers a diverse range of experiences for every type of traveler. Whether you fancy a tango show in the historic streets of Buenos Aires or a thrilling trek through the snow-capped peaks of the Andes, there's something for everyone in this captivating country. Consider immersing yourself in the local culture with a visit to an estancia in the countryside or tasting the world-renowned wines of Mendoza. The possibilities are endless, and an Argentina-escorted tour can help you make the most of your getaway in this enchanting destination.

Argentina is one of South America’s favorite travel destinations. Visitors can enjoy many different types of experiences in one country – from the cultural capital of Buenos Aires to the sweeping pampas of Patagonia. Here are a few examples of Argentina-escorted tours to help you start planning your vacation today!

Adventure Tours In Argentina

Argentine Patagonia is one of the most remote places left in the world today. It is also one of the most popular places for adventure-seekers looking for an active, one-of-a-kind vacation. On this Argentina escorted tour, you will meet up with your group in El Calafate on the southern border of Lake Argentino. El Calafate is an important tourist destination and is the base camp for visits to Los Glaciares National Park, Perito Moreno Glacier, Cerro Chaltén, and Cerro Torre.

This trip is for active seniors, who are looking to explore the natural landscape of Patagonia on Argentina tours for seniors. Some of the highlights of this tour include:

  • Take several day hikes in Los Glaciares National Park. Trek below Cerro Fitz Roy’s peak to the 50-mile-long, glacier-fed Lake Viedma, conquer the challenging rocky switchbacks to Laguna de los Tres, and walk across the surface of the Perito Moreno Glacier.
  • Board a boat for a cruise that begins in Lake Argentino, but takes you through the Upsala Glacier channel for a view of the famous Upsala Glacier.
  • Stay at the exclusive Estancia Cristina and take a guided tour of Fossil Canyon Trail. Learn about the region’s geological history and glaciology as you search for ancient fossils along the trail.
  • Enjoy the gaucho life as you ride across the pampas! End the day with dinner at the Estancia, where you will dine on traditional Patagonian asado (barbeque) and mingle with the gauchos that still live and work on the ranch.

A Dance To Remember In Buenos Aires

Many Argentina escorted tours include a stop in Buenos Aires. This five-day trip will give you an insider look at the cosmopolitan capital of Argentina. It is perfect for those who enjoy a city atmosphere, and who want to explore the cultural side of this exciting country. Highlights of the tour include:

  • A day of sightseeing in Buenos Aires. Explore the Plaza de Mayo, the Casa Rosada, the Colon Theater, the Recoleta Cemetery, the National Historical Museum, the neighborhoods of La Boca, and the Jardin Botanica.
  • Nightly tango lessons. Enjoy nightly dance lessons with professional dance instructors. This sultry dance originated in Buenos Aires – now you can master its moves and become an expert dancer with your partner.
  • Accommodations at the Hotel Abasto Plaza. This hotel is the ultimate tango-themed hotel of Buenos Aires. Enjoy the sensual ambiance of the interior while watching a professional Tango Dance & Dinner show during your stay.

Wine Tasting In The Mendoza Region

Argentina’s wine country is one of the biggest wine-producing regions in the world and has a long history of wine-making that dates back to the Spanish colonies that once controlled the area. The high altitude and sunny climate found in the Andes create distinctive-tasting grapes and wines. Mendoza is the most famous of Argentina’s wine regions, with hundreds of wineries scattered along the famous Ruta del Vino. The country is one of the largest exporters of wine, including the famous Malbec.

There are a variety of Argentina tours for seniors that explore wine country. Some of the activities that you can expect on this type of Argentina escorted tour includes:

  • Stay at a vineyard – many local wineries offer guests a room for the night. Spend the evening enjoying local cuisine and savoring the vineyard's specialty wines, while enjoying mountain views.
  • Dine at a parrilla – the production of beef is just as important to Argentina’s economy as the making of wine. Make sure to sample the local asada (beef barbeque) at a local parrilla (steakhouse) at least once on your trip!
  • Experience Mendoza’s nightlife Mendoza has a thriving nightlife scene that is located along the Calle Aristides. But make sure you take a nap before you head out for a night on the town – things generally don’t get started until well after midnight!
  • Visit Chacras de Coria – this little village features a weekly market on Sunday, where you can enjoy the picturesque country life of South America. The town itself is filled with clothing boutiques, high-end groceries, gourmet restaurants, and cafes. You can also explore local bodegas and vineyards around the town’s outskirts.
  • Take a cooking class – learn how to use local ingredients and traditional Argentine cooking techniques to take home a souvenir that lasts. You can find classes that teach students to make bread, pizza, empanadas, or Argentina’s famous grilled meats!
  • Visit Lake Potrerillos – take the public bus (or drive) to this lake that lies just west of Mendoza. It’s great for a short day trip, or you can stay longer at the area’s hotels. Enjoy outdoor adventure activities like mountain biking, guided treks, horseback riding, and white-river rafting.
  • Relax at the Cacheuta Thermal Baths – located just outside of Mendoza along Rute 82, this hotel and spa were built around the natural hot springs and thermal pools in the area. Book a massage, enjoy a fabulous lunch, or just soak in the hot springs for the day!
  • Explore the Museo de Bellas Artes – stroll the grounds of this beautiful museum on a sunny afternoon, or step inside to check out the amazing collection of artwork the museum houses.

This amazing South American country has something to offer everyone! From adventure tours in Argentina to more sedate Argentina escorted tours, you won’t be disappointed. Small group tours offer something for everyone! Adventure awaits in Argentina, so get packing!

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