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Why Is Bear Viewing So Popular In Alaska?

Bears are the ultimate symbol of the Alaskan wilderness. They represent strength, resilience, and a wild spirit that has long been associated with this majestic and untamed land. And they attract thousands of visitors each year, all of whom say that bear viewing tops their vacation bucket list! Is it any wonder that bear-viewing lodges in Alaska are some of the hottest destinations in the state?

While you may be lucky enough to see a bear while out hiking or driving from destination to destination, it’s not that likely! If you want to see a bear during your trip to Alaska, it’s a good idea to schedule a dedicated bear-viewing tour that brings you to places where bears gather. And don’t forget to plan your trip during the late spring or summer months – bears hibernate during the winter!

Follow The Bears For Adventure

If you do your research, you will quickly discover that bear-viewing lodges in Alaska are some of the most popular vacation destinations for tourists. That’s because a bear-viewing lodge in Alaska will focus on your bear-viewing experience from morning until evening. Lodges generally offer tours with experienced guides who can help guests observe bears in their native habitat and offer insight into bear behavior! Some guides can even help photographers capture souvenir photographs of the bears. Better yet, guided tours generally guarantee a bear sighting.

Bear viewing lodges in Alaska can be found in Lake Clark National Park, Katmai National Park, and on Kodiak Island. They can be a little expensive, but they do offer guests the opportunity to observe bears for a longer, multi-day stay, versus simply flying in for a day trip. Plus, these luxury accommodations have lots of other amenities, services, and activities for guests to enjoy during their stay.

Bear Viewing At Brooks Falls, Alaska

One of the most popular places to see bears in Alaska is at Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park. Katmai is located 250 miles from Anchorage but is only accessible by plane. Tourists can charter a floatplane to Brooks Falls for the day, or they can stay at the world-famous Brooks Lodge for a bear-viewing adventure. Brooks Lodge overlooks the Brooks River in the heart of Katmai National Park. Originally conceived as a fishing camp, the lodge has been in operation since 1950. It is safe to say that most bear viewing at Brooks Falls, Alaska starts at Brooks Lodge!

The lodge’s main building building boasts a spectacular view of Naknek Lake. Guests can enjoy buffet-style dining for three meals a day, or indulge in post-bear-viewing cocktails at the lodge bar each afternoon and evening. Sixteen modern rooms are available for guests, all with two sets of bunk beds that sleep up to four guests. If you’re looking for a rustic bear-viewing lodge in Alaska, Brooks Lodge lives up to the hype! As a guest at Brooks Lodge, you can also enjoy:

  • Bear viewing from the park’s four bear-viewing platforms throughout the day.
  • Fishing on Brooks and Nanek Lakes. Fly-in fishing trips to other locations can also be arranged from the lodge.
  • A day trip to the Valley of 10,000 Smokes, to observe the intriguing landscape left from a volcanic eruption more than 100 years ago.
  • Hiking along the park’s gentle trails.
  • Kayaking across the clear surface of local lakes to see bears digging for clams along the park’s coastline!

Two More Bear-Viewing Lodges In Alaska!

If bear viewing at Brooks Falls, Alaska doesn’t strike your fancy, there are plenty of other lodges – some in very remote locations – to suit all your bear-viewing needs. Whether you choose a rustic lodge on the Alaska coastline or hideaway in the mountains, there’s no shortage of opportunities to see bears in Alaska! Here are two of our favorite places for guaranteed bear viewing outside of Katmai National Park.

  • Redoubt Mountain Lodge – located on Lake Clark National Park’s Crescent Lake, Redoubt Mountain Lodge is the perfect setting for a bear-viewing lodge in Alaska! The lodge is nestled in the heart of the Chigmit Mountains, with clear views of Mt. Redoubt just 8 miles away. It is home to both Alaska brown and black bears and is considered one of the best places to watch these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. Visitors can watch the bears feast on spawning salmon in the lake or tending to their cubs along the shoreline. Visitors can do many exciting bear-viewing tours during their stay at Redoubt Mountain Lodge, as well as activities such as kayaking, hiking, and other outdoor adventures!
  • Kodiak Brown Bear Center and Lodge – Kodiak Island is the second largest island in the United States, and is home to 3,500 Kodiak brown bears! Is it any wonder that it is also home to one of the best bear-viewing lodges in Alaska? Located just off the southern coast of Alaska, Kodiak Brown Bear Center and Lodge is just a floatplane ride away from Anchorage. Guests can choose from daily guided tours to one of three bear-viewing locations, including Thumb River, where you can watch bears fishing; the shoreline of Karluk Lake, where you can cruise past bears aboard a catamaran; or the Karluk Lake Outlet, where you can watch bears from a high bluff as they catch fish trapped in the outlet below. If you are planning a trip to this bear viewing lodge in Alaska, plan on a multi-day stay! That will give you plenty of time to explore the three main viewing areas and enjoy activities like hiking, fishing, kayaking, whale watching, a dip in the lake, and more!

An Amazing Alaska Bear Viewing Adventure!

Whether you want to go bear viewing at Brooks Falls, Alaska, or would prefer to book a multi-day stay at a bear viewing lodge in Alaska, the opportunities to see these amazing animals in Alaska are almost endless! Alaska lays claim to more than 98 percent of the U.S. population of brown bears, which means you are almost guaranteed a bear sighting during your trip! Get ready for adventure in Alaska’s bear country – it’s an experience you won’t easily forget.

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