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Gondwana’s Rwanda Gorilla Trek has been recommended by Essential Journeys, an online resource for travellers seeking extraordinary destinations. With a focus on travel, culture and lifestyle, Essential Journeys features trips that challenge people to get outside their comfort zone. Their audience is “the discerning traveller with an eye for the unusual, unique, unspoilt, and uncommercial,” which certainly fits the bill for our Gorilla Trekking adventure in Rwanda!

In the spirit of all things unusual, Gondwana’s Rwanda trip redefines the notion of “vacation.” While some people think of vacations as an opportunity to don a bikini and get a sunburn on a crowded beach, we approach travel a bit differently. The Rwanda trip is focused on environmental and cultural sustainability, allowing travellers to spend time in the jungle with endangered primates and learn how Rwanda rebuilt after the civil war and genocide of the early 1990s. Visiting Africa, especially with a ecotourism focus, is the very essence of an unusual vacation.

Seeking a unique travel experience?

“A major highlight of this intrepid journey is trekking into the Virunga Mountains to observe some of the last remaining mountain gorillas in the world.” With less than 900 remaining and zero in zoos or captivity, gorilla trekking in Rwanda is your best bet for seeing one of nature’s most elusive primates. Trekking through the jungle to find a gorilla family allows visitors to understand their habitat, and travellers report that being with primates who share 98% of our DNA is a powerful experience.

Volcanoes National Park holds a reputation for being an unspoiled ecosystem, and one of the last remaining Mountain Gorilla habitats. Encompassing 5 of the 8 Virunga Mountains, Volcanoes is bordered by parks in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda. The park has impressive biodiversity and is home to exotic bird species, plants and primates, including the golden monkey. Trekking through the jungle with a trained guide provides background on the landscape and ecosystem. Notably, Volcanoes was home to Dian Fossey, the famous zoologist whose story was recorded in the film Gorillas in the Mist.

Gondwana believes in keeping trips focused on local, uncommercial efforts. Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda directs proceeds from the park permit to benefit the primates’ lives and habitats. Elsewhere, In Kigali, Essential Journeys writes, “Gondwana Ecotours will donate up to ten per cent of its sales to ASPIRE Rwanda, a non-profit organisation that teaches urban women the skills to earn a living and improve their quality of life.” As a sustainable ecotourism company, Gondwana is proud to support causes that improve Rwanda’s environment and culture.

The goals of Essential Journeys and Gondwana go hand-in-hand. Gorilla trekking in Rwanda gives adventure travellers the chance to encounter unusual experiences. Importantly, travelling with an ecotourism company like Gondwana ensures that your “vacation” will be anything but average. With a focus on sustainability, we develop trips for people who are ready to have the experience of a lifetime.

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