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Three Amazing Alaskan Vacations To Choose From!

Summer Trips To Alaska
Grizzlies & Glaciers Tour

Winter Trips To Alaska
See The Northern Lights

Summer Trips To Alaska
Denali Discovery Adventure

Reserve One Of The Premier Alaska Wildlife Tour Packages Now

If you love exploring Alaska and believe that adventure is worth chasing, one of the Alaska Wildlife Adventure Tours offered by a reputable Alaskan tour operator might be right for you! Most of the time, reserving your spot in a small group tour with experienced Alaskan tour guides means that you will get to know the animals that climb Alaska’s mountains and roam the tundra. Local guides are also passionate about creating an experience that suits your group. Whether you book a day trip or one that is much longer, there are many vacation packages to Alaska that are sure to help you make the most of your time in this great state.

Finding The Best Alaska Wildlife Tour Packages

Many of the best Alaska wildlife adventure tours begin in Anchorage! The opportunities to see wildlife in Anchorage are plentiful year-round, with guaranteed wildlife viewing in close proximity. In fact, your chance to see a moose, bear, or more right outside your door is pretty high. Because of the town’s close proximity to the Chugach Mountain Range, all types of native fauna feel right at home wandering down Main Street or hanging out in town.

Some of the most popular Alaska wildlife tour packages can be combined with quintessentially Alaskan experiences, too. Here are a few examples of the types of Alaska wildlife adventure tours out of Anchorage that Alaskan tour operators offer:

  • Floatplane adventures and wildlife viewing – see Alaska by air! Book a flight and explore epic glaciers, rugged mountains, and majestic wildlife from the sky. Your pilot will be able to point out the sights and tell you what you are seeing, as well as tell you more about Alaska’s wildlife in its natural surroundings.
  • Full-day Matanuska Glacier Hike – this impressive glacier near Anchorage is 27 miles long and four miles wide, and covers more area than the city of Los Angeles! Many tour operators out of Alaska can take you on a glacier hike. Some of the most popular packages include spending two hours on the glacier with a professional guide and exploring the crevasses, seracs, and moulins. Learn about walking rocks, glacier spiders, basal ice, and other unique aspects of the glacial environment. As an added bonus, on your trek to and from the glacier, you’ll have the chance to spot many species of Alaska wildlife!
  • Raven Glacier Hike – yet another popular option for adventure seekers is a hike at the Raven Glacier. On this Alaska wildlife adventure tour, you’ll drive south of Anchorage along the Turnagain Arm of Cook Inlet into the Girdwood area. Dress warm, because you have a four-mile uphill hike through an alpine valley before you get to the glacier. Along the way, you can see mountain goats, Dall sheep, and black and brown bears. This is a challenging hike, though, so make sure you are fit!
  • Salmon fishing – Alaska is known far and wide for its salmon fishing, but if you are a serious angler that wants to avoid the crowds, consider booking a fishing trip for rainbow trout, dolly varden, or arctic grayling. Some of the most exciting vacation packages to Alaska include a half or full day of fishing. Most charters provide hip boots and reels, so don’t worry about packing that for your trip. If you’re not an experienced fisherman, your guides can teach you how to cast and angle. But be warned – you might get “hooked” on this sport.
  • Exploring Anchorage – as we mentioned above, you don’t have to go far outside of Anchorage to see wildlife. In fact, if you go just a half-hour away, you can see moose and Dall sheep in the surrounding environs. And, if you get a little further outside of the city limits, it’s not uncommon to see mountain goats, bald eagles, beluga whales, and trumpeter swans, depending on the season.

Alaska Wildlife Adventure Tours In The Chugach Mountain Range

Just east of Anchorage lies the Chugach Mountain Range, where snow-blown ridges and sharp peaks cut a jagged edge into the sky. The wind blows through the mountain valleys, and streams flow through beds of river rock or fall from ledges into pools below. The mountains are home to many species of wildlife, making them a perfect place for viewing wildlife.

This mountain range is often called a playground for outdoor enthusiasts. Within the mountain range lies the Chugach State Park and the Chugach National Forest, which are home to some of the most accessible outdoor recreation areas in the state. Best of all, some of Alaska’s most popular trailheads and access points are just 20 minutes from downtown Anchorage, which makes it easy for tourists to take advantage of this natural wonder.

Chugach State Park and National Forest comprise more than 9,000 square miles of beautiful land for intrepid adventures to hike, raft, bike, kayak, fish, or more. The Chugach even includes 60 of the state’s most accessible glaciers, making it perfect for those who want to explore this natural phenomenon. Many vacation packages to Alaska include a trip to Anchorage, and if you are planning to visit don’t forget to make time to visit the Chugach! From McHugh Peak to Pioneer Peak, and Girdwood to Eagle River, you’ll want to see the ridges, valleys, glaciers, and wildlife of this mountain range firsthand.

Anchorage Glacier And Wildlife Cruises

Anchorage is uniquely situated and allows visitors access to both land and sea activities quite easily! After you’ve explored the many Alaska wildlife tour packages on land, consider taking a cruise from the heart of the city to explore the sea. Some of the most popular Alaska cruises encompass both glacier viewing and wildlife sighting in either Prince William Sound or Kenai Fjords. Along the way, you’ll see incredible sights, including:

  • Alaska’s incredible coastal scenery.
  • Pristine glaciers.
  • Marine mammals such as whales, seals, porpoises, and sea lions.
  • Bears and mountain goats along the shores.
  • Bald eagles soaring in the sky.

With so much to see and do in this great state, it’s easy to customize one of the many vacation packages to Alaska. Whether by land or by sea, Alaska wildlife adventure tours are waiting for you. Book now to reserve your spot and get ready to experience an adventure of a lifetime.

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