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Three Amazing Alaskan Vacations To Choose From!

Summer Trips To Alaska
Grizzlies & Glaciers Tour

Winter Trips To Alaska
See The Northern Lights

Summer Trips To Alaska
Denali Discovery Adventure

Denali Adventure in Alaska Vacation
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Anchorage: The Gateway To Alaskan Adventure

Not sure where to visit Alaska in summer? Don’t worry – we have the information you need to plan the perfect Alaskan getaway before the snow flies. Let’s start by checking out Anchorage. This cosmopolitan city, nestled at the foot of the Chugach Mountains, is a great place to begin. Often called “the gateway to Alaskan adventure,” Anchorage is a perfect place for those who are visiting Alaska for the first time.

Anchorage is located in Southcentral Alaska, at the edge of Cook Inlet. The city sits on a peninsula formed by the Knik Arm to the north and the Turnagain Arim to the south. The city was founded in 1914, as the construction of the Alaska Railroad was chugging full steam ahead. Today, Anchorage is the state’s most populated city and the perfect base camp for skiers, hikers, and wildlife lovers. If you are wondering where to visit Alaska this summer, Anchorage is where you should start!

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What Is So Special About Summer In Anchorage?

Summer in Anchorage means new-born moose calves in the Chugach Mountains and Beluga whales swimming close to shore along the Turnagain Arm. The seasonal salmon runs bring grizzly bears out of their hibernation, along with fishermen who troll the local streams and rivers hoping for a good catch. Cruise season is in full swing and outdoor enthusiasts can take advantage of the mild weather to kayak, hike, or bike the city’s plentiful nature trails.

One of the most unique aspects of a summer trip to Anchorage is the Midnight Sun. This phenomenon means that Anchorage gets more hours of daily sunlight than anywhere in the other 49 states between March 19 and September 23. The long summer days mean that you can pack more adventure into each day during your summer visit to Alaska! Enjoy ample opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, and wildlife spotting under the Midnight Sun!

Seven Fun Things To Do In Anchorage

Anchorage is a place that blends the cosmopolitan feel of an urban city with the rugged adventures of an outdoor mecca. From museums to mountains, and wildlife refuges to wide-open spaces for wildlife viewing, there are so many fun things to do in Anchorage, Alaska in the summer. Summer in Anchorage brings endless opportunities to explore its stunning natural beauty, with activities like hiking in Chugach State Park, fishing in Ship Creek, and even cruising along Turnagain Arm to spot beluga whales. Keep reading to learn more about our top seven fun picks to add to your bucket list!

  1. The Tony Knowles Coastal Trail – This 11-mile paved coastal trail follows the shore of Cook Inlet from downtown Anchorage to Kincaid Park. Hike, bike, or run along the trail, which passes coastal marches and forested areas, and provides scenic views. On a clear day, you can even see Mount Denali in the distance! The trail is a popular place for wildlife, too, which means you may see a moose, bald eagle, or even a Beluga whale during your adventures. The trail skirts the infamous Earthquake Park, where you can see the fault line of the 1964 Alaska Earthquake.
  2. Alaska Native Heritage Center – This cultural center provides educational experiences for those interested in learning about the heritage and culture of Native Alaskans. This museum is a living cultural center and statewide resource for visitors as well as Alaskan Natives. Visitors can tour the museum’s permanent collection, explore life-sized villages, or participate in immersive educational programs.
  3. Flattop Mountain – Located in Chugach State Park, Flattop Mountain is the most climbed mountain in Alaska due to its proximity to downtown Anchorage and the lack of equipment needed to reach its summit. The trails surrounding the mountain offer hikers of all fitness levels the opportunity to experience this mountain. To summit the mountain, you will need to follow a three-mile trail with an elevation gain of 1,500 feet. For those who don’t have a rental car to get out to the mountain, take the Flattop Mountain Shuttle from downtown. Hiking this easily accessible mountain should definitely top the list of fun things to do in Anchorage, Alaska in the summer if you are planning a visit to the southcentral region!
  4. Potter Marsh – Just 10 miles south of downtown Anchorage, Potter Marsh is accessed via the Seward Highway. It features a boardwalk that winds through a half-mile of rich, productive marshlands and is a popular destination for birders who can watch Arctic terns, northern pintails, trumpeter swans, canvasback ducks, and bald eagles as they search for food. Moose can also be spotted at Potter’s Marsh year-round, making this location a prime wildlife viewing area for visitors. The boardwalk is also wheelchair accessible and open to all.
  5. Matanuska Glacier – If you can rent a car, this massive glacier is a quick 95-mile drive northeast of Anchorage along the Glenn Highway. The Matanuska Glacier is the largest in Alaska accessible by car, and is one of the state’s oldest glaciers. Because it can be seen from the highway, it is a popular tourist destination and tops the list of where to visit in Alaska in summer. Visitors who want to walk across the face of the glacier can do so if they go with a certified guide and a company that offers guided glacier hikes. Make sure you have plenty of layers before you embark on this adventure, though – and a warm hat and gloves, too!
  6. The Alaska Railroad – Hop aboard for the adventure of a lifetime! Anchorage was built around the Alaska Railroad and the train is still a popular fixture in town to this day. Visitors can ride the rails on a day trip, or book a multi-day trip with stops along the way, to experience the state’s scenic landscapes and breathtaking beauty. The Alaska Railroad operates all year, and riders can get a ticket for adventure at the historic railroad depot in downtown Anchorage.
  7. Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center – Located just 50 miles south of Anchorage along the Turnagain Arm, this 200-acre facility houses animals and birds that are no longer able to survive in the wild. The center is open to visitors year-round. Here, you can see Alaska’s most popular creatures – black and brown bears, wolves, moose, musk oxen, lynxes, foxes, and wood bison – safely, and without having to hike through the backcountry with a guide. If you are driving across Alaska, the AWCC is a great stopping point between Anchorage and Seward and one of the many fun things to do in Anchorage, Alaska during the summer.

Summer In The Land Of The Midnight Sun

Anchorage is the gateway to Alaska adventure. If you are looking for a city that combines wild beauty with convenient urban comforts, look no further than Anchorage! With stunning views of snow-capped mountains and a thriving arts and culinary scene, Anchorage offers a unique blend of outdoor excitement and cultural experiences for visitors to enjoy.

From incredible outdoor adventures to fascinating arts and culture, Anchorage is the place where you want to visit in Alaska in summer. Anchorage's unique blend of urban amenities and proximity to breathtaking natural landscapes makes it a perfect destination for those seeking a diverse and memorable Alaskan experience. A trip to Anchorage will open doors to the best of this magnificent state, all in one place.

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