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Let’s Explore Iguazu Falls!

Iguazu Falls, located in South America, is a popular tourist destination. These waterfalls, between Brazil and Argentina, are surrounded by lush, green, subtropical national parks and are teeming with fauna and flora. The surrounding rainforest is a haven for more than 2,000 plant species, about 400 bird species, and more than 80 types of mammals, including jaguars and pumas!

Where Is Iguazu Falls?

Iguazu Falls, the most famous waterfalls of Argentina, are located in the northeast of Argentina and the southern region of Brazil. Approximately 80 percent of the waterfalls are found on the Argentinian side of the falls, while Brazil is home to just 20 percent of the falls. Iguazú Falls are part of the Iguazú National Park, created in 1934 and included as a World Heritage Site in 1984 by UNESCO. Iguazú Falls was named as one of the Seven New Natural Wonders of the Modern World in 2011.

Fun Facts About The Waterfalls of Argentina

Iguazu Falls, South America, is the largest waterfall system in the world. The falls extend for nearly 1.5 miles and are made up of 275 individual falls – although the number changes depending on the season. The tallest of the waterfalls, called the Devil's Throat, drops by more than 262 feet, which is nearly double the height of Niagara Falls in the United States!

  • Iguazu Falls formed where the Iguazu River plunges over the rim of the Paraná Plateau, which was blasted out by an enormous volcanic eruption more than 130 million years ago.
  • The Iguazu River is more than half a mile wide as it approaches the falls.
  • More than 250 separate waterfalls stretched over 1.5 miles to make up these waterfalls between Brazil and Argentina.
  • Approximately half of the Iguazu River flows through the narrow chasm of the Devil’s Throat. This feature can be accessed from both the Argentine and the Brazilian sides of the falls.
  • The volume of water that flows through the falls during the rainy season is staggering. Iguazu Falls, which means “Big Water,” is a perfect name for this incredible natural feature!

When Should I Visit Iguazu Falls?

You can visit the waterfalls of Argentina all year round! However, it is best to visit the falls between August and October, and between February and April. During the rainy season (December to February), the park may have to close if the water becomes too high, and during the dry season (June to August), the falls may not be as impressive as when they are flowing freely.

Exploring Iguazu Falls

Once you arrive at the park, you may be wondering how you should explore the waterfalls between Brazil and Argentina. The park is divided into three sections, which you navigate on walkways that take you right up to the waterfalls and give you the best vantage points. Hiking along the walkways demonstrates just how powerful the waterfalls are, and gives you a close-up view of this incredible natural wonder!

  • Upper Walkway (1 mile) - The Upper Walkway provides guests with a great panoramic view of the waterfalls on the Argentinian side of the park. You can also see hundreds of birds flying through the mist of the falls and nesting on the surrounding walls or Capuchin Monkeys hiding high up in the trees.
  • Lower Walkway (1.5 miles) – As you walk along the Lower Walkway, you can see the park’s resident Coatis, which vaguely resemble raccoons. The coatis are subtropical animals and entertain park visitors with their cartoon-like antics, as well as their tendency to try to steal food from humans. The trail also offers visitors breathtaking views as you approach the falls. Once you arrive at the viewing platform, you can board a boat and take a trip under the falls to get a unique perspective of the fall’s incredible power.
  • The Devil’s Throat – If you’re tired from your hike, give your feet a break and ride the park train through the rainforest to Devil’s Throat. This chasm is reached first by train and then by a system of wooden walkways that stretch across the Iguazu River. At least half of the river’s water passes through this J-shaped chasm. The viewing platform for Devil’s Throat perches right over the edge of the falls, giving you an incredible view of the deafening cascade of water falling below.

Making The Most Of Your Trip To Iguazu Falls

If you plan to visit the waterfalls of Argentina, you probably want to maximize the time you spend there. After you hike the lower and upper circuits, or visit Devil’s Throat, you may want to consider the following options to add to your adventure at Iguazu Falls, South America!

  • Take a jetboat safari - the jetboat safari at Iguazu Falls is the most fun you’ll ever have in rushing water. Board a powerful twin-engine jet boat for an exciting four-mile trip down the Iguazu River and through the different tiers of the falls, with exceptional views of the gorgeous scenery. This thrilling adventure takes you right into Devil’s Throat, where the boat will accelerate over torrents and cascades, shooting the rapids and propelling you through the depths of the thunderous falls. After a unique adventure of getting thoroughly drenched, you’ll come out with a huge smile on your face knowing that you just survived going underneath one of the world’s largest waterfalls.
  • Enjoy the thrill of a helicopter ride over the falls - a helicopter ride over the falls will give you a spectacular bird’s eye view that can’t be from the ground. You can either opt for a short ten-minute ride or a 35-minute trip, which will take you over Itaipu Dam and to Foz do Iguaco (on the Brazilian side of the falls), as well. This is a perfect way to get stunning photos of the falls from an incredible vantage point!
  • Go Kayaking on the river - The Paraná is South America's second longest river after the Amazon and its name means “relative of the sea.” This kayaking trip starts with a gentle paddle that takes you to one of the Paraná ́s tributaries, the Urugua-í River. This smaller river is a perfect place to explore Argentina. Kayakers can also enjoy a swim in the river since there are no dangerous animals in its waters.

A Trip Of A Lifetime To Iguazu Falls In South America

For an adventure of a lifetime, look no further than Iguazu Falls in South America. This incredible network of waterfalls, located between Brazil and Argentina, is the perfect destination for new or seasoned travelers! From epic waterfalls to stunning sub-tropical scenery, Iguazu Falls has something for everyone to see. Enjoy the epic views, incredible rainforest, and flora and fauna found near the falls as you embark on an amazing journey into the very heart of Argentina!

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