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TravelIng From Buenos Aires To Iguazu Falls

view of the city of Buenos Aires in ArgentinaThe lure of Argentina makes it a bucket list destination for many adventure seekers. From Buenos Aires – the Paris of the South – with its cosmopolitan nightlife and vibrant arts scene to Patagonia, where outdoor adventure is waiting around every corner, Argentina is an amazing vacation destination. Planning a trip to this magnificent (and vast) country is easier with the help of a travel agent, who can recommend an Argentina travel package that aligns with your interests.

One of the best ways to experience the magic of both Buenos Aires and Patagonia in the same trip is to create an itinerary that begins in the big city and ends at Iguazu National Park. Located on the Northeastern tip of Argentina and bordering Brazil, Iguazu National Park is home to Iguazu Falls, one of the most magnificent systems of waterfalls in the world! Iguazu Falls tours from Buenos Aires are very popular with tourists, so finding a tour company that offers an itinerary that includes both is easy to do.

The Best Of Both Worlds In Seven Days!

Argentina is such a big country, with a wide range of things to do and see, that it is difficult to know where to start your adventure. One of the best ways to experience the beautiful diversity of this unique country, however, is to book an Argentina travel package with an itinerary to keep you on track! Starting in the capital city of Buenos Aires is a popular option for tourists, followed by an Iguazu Falls tour to end the vacation.

Buenos Aires itself is an amazing city, with a variety of historical buildings, monuments, museums, theaters, and open areas to visit. As the birthplace of tango, the city exudes a sultry and exotic allure that is enchanting for visitors. Some of the top places to visit while in Buenos Aires include:

  • The President’s Pink House – located in the Plaza de Mayo, Casa Rosada was built in the mid-1800s and stands on a site known to have been occupied by an old customs house and fort dating back to the 16th century. Literally translated as the "Pink House," Casa Rosada is the official residence of the President of Argentina.
  • The Colon Theater - no theater lover should pass up the chance to visit Buenos Aires' many fine performance halls. Perhaps the best known is the stunning Colón Theater (Teatro Colón), a world-class opera, ballet, and classical music facility that has hosted great artistic talents like Callas, Toscanini, Stravinsky, Caruso, and Pavarotti.
  • The Recoleta Cemetery – this cemetery is popular with both locals and tourists, who visit to admire the many elaborate mausoleums within the cemetery walls. The final resting place of Eva Peron, former first lady of Argentina, can be found at this cemetery.
  • The Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art – located in a former tobacco warehouse, this museum is home to a collection of exhibits by local painters and sculptors, along with permanent exhibits of local and international artists like Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso.
  • La Ventana Tango Show – if you visit Buenos Aires, seeing a live Tango performance is a must! One of the city’s most popular tango performances, the La Ventana tango show, can be found in the city’s San Telmo neighborhood. The show features live dancing and traditional Argentinian music, with the option to add on a delicious three-course meal.

airel view of Iguazu Falls North America

From The Streets of Buenos Aires To Iguazu Falls

One of the most challenging aspects of Iguazu Falls tours from Buenos Aires is the simple act of getting there! Iguazu Falls is more than 800 miles away from the Argentinian capital, making flying the easiest – and quickest – option for travelers with limited time in the country. The flight from Buenos Aires to Puerto Iguazú airport takes approximately 2 hours, compared with the 22-hour bus ride one could take to get to Iguazu Falls. From the airport, you can take a taxi into the town of Puerto Iguazu, where you can reserve a hotel, and then a shuttle to the national park. Most tour companies recommend a two-day stay in Puerto Iguazu so that you can truly experience the wonders of Iguazu Falls. A two-day Iguazu Fall Tour will allow you to visit both sides of the falls, in Argentina and Brazil. Here are some of the things you need to see on your trip into the jungle!

  • The Devil’s Throat – La Garganta del Diablo is the largest and most impressive waterfall at Iguazu. More than half of the Iguazu River’s flow is forced through this long fissure, dropping with amazing force into a pool below. You can see the Devil’s Throat from both the Argentina and Brazil side of the falls.
  • The Ecological Jungle Train – take a ride on the ecological jungle train to the Iguazu Falls Trail station. The train is located near the park entrance and will take you on a 25-minute ride through remote parts of the park and back again.
  • Hiking Trails – there are five main trails that you can walk to explore Iguazu National Park on an Iguazu Fall tour – the Lower Circuit, the Upper Circuit, the Green Trail, the Rain Forest Trail, Macuco Trail, and the Devil’s Throat Trail. All end in a spectacular waterfall and offer panoramic views of the incredible scenery.

In order to extend your tour of the area, there are several more activities you can experience at Iguazu Falls or Puerto Iguazu. They include:

  • The Full Moon Tour of Iguazu – during five nights every month, Iguazu National Park opens up for visitors to tour the falls by moonlight. There are three scheduled tours a night, and you will be able to ride the park’s train to the Devil’s Throat for a truly magical experience. Lucky visitors will even catch a glimpse of the fabled “midnight rainbow,” which is made by moonlight passing through the mist kicked up by the park’s waterfalls.
  • Jetboat safari – take a jetboat down the Iguazu River through different tiers of the park’s falls, and experience the gorgeous scenery along the way. This one-of-a-kind boat ride takes you right into the Devil’s Throat, where you will ride over the rapids and through the depths of the thunderous falls. This unique adventure will leave you soaking wet, so plan accordingly!
  • Bike through the Iguazu Rainforest – take a four-hour bike tour from Puerto Iguazu through the Paranaense Rainforest. This 25-mile route offers spectacular views of the forest’s flora and fauna, which may include native jaguars and toucans.
  • See the wildlife at Guira Oga – if you want to experience the native wildlife of Argentina, head to this unique animal refuge. Here you’ll find toucans, parrots, eagles, owls, Capuchin monkeys, anteaters, capybaras, and other native mammals. This center is a rescue, so most of the animals found within have been rehabilitated after being rescued.
  • Visit Comunidate Mbya Guarni Yryapu – join a guided tour of the rainforest and indigenous settlement at this community-based tourism site. learn about the customs of the Guaraní people and their way of living, while visiting the area where they grow vegetables and fruits. Learn about the community’s history, religion, medicine, language, and methods of hunting and survival. The funds raised by these tours are used for social and medical assistance within the community.

An Adventure To Remember

As you answer Argentina's call and embark on your journey to this diverse and vibrant country, get ready to immerse yourself in a tapestry of experiences that will stay with you forever. From sipping on rich Malbec wines in Mendoza's sun-kissed vineyards to dancing the tango in the charming neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, every moment in Argentina is a celebration of life. With its stunning landscapes, warm hospitality, and delicious cuisine, Argentina is sure to captivate your senses and leave a lasting impression on your heart. So pack your bags, embrace the unknown, and let Argentina enchant you with its beauty and charm. ¡Vamos a Argentina!

Once your whirlwind tour is finished, you can look back at the memories you made walking the streets of Argentina’s capital city and traversing jungle trails on your Iguazu Fall tour from Buenos Aires. Argentina is an amazing country with something for everyone – exotic nightlife, art, culture, history, and outdoor adventure. So, what are you waiting for? Argentina is calling!

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