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Take An Alaska Aurora Tour in Fairbanks

Fairbanks, Alaska is the state's largest interior city and is located just below the Arctic Circle in the Aurora Oval.

Originally settled in the 1800s, Fairbanks is known as a hub for points farther north. The city is busy all year long, even when winter temperatures drop far below zero. There's a lot for visitors to explore in Fairbanks, including local parks, museums, and the Trans-Alaska pipeline. But one of the most popular things to do in the city is to take an Alaska Fairbanks Aurora Tour!

What Are The Northern Lights?

The Northern lights, or aurora borealis, are a spectacular and colorful display of lights commonly seen in the night sky in the Northern Hemisphere. This magnificent display occurs near the Earth's magnetic pole, so they are often called polar lights, too.

The Northern lights occur when charged particles collide with gases in Earth's upper atmosphere, producing tiny flashes that fill the sky with colorful light. Billions of these flashes occur in sequence, which has the effect of making the auroras move or dance in the sky.

This phenomenon occurs when the Earth's magnetic field steers the charged particles toward the poles. The shape of the Earth's magnetic fields creates an auroral oval above the north pole, which is where you can find the Northern Lights in the night sky from August until May!

Solar winds also influence the Northern Lights. When solar winds penetrate the Earth's magnetic field, the stream of particles that are generated interact with gases in the magnetosphere and cause the auroras to light up the night sky. In general, the more active the sun is, the more pronounced the auroras will appear to onlookers! When solar activity decreases, the auroral oval returns to its normal position, and the Northern Lights become less intense.

Where To See The Aurora Borealis

Your best chance to see Alaska's Northern Lights are in Fairbanks and above the Arctic Circle. The aurora belt in Alaska's great Interior and Arctic regions is among the most active in the world, and there is no better place to see the Northern Lights!

The main criteria for seeing the Northern Lights during an Alaska Aurora Tour in Fairbanks is that it needs to be dark enough at night to see the Northern Lights. In Alaska, that means Aurora Season runs from approximately August 21 through April 21.  If you visit Alaska in November, December, or January, the short period of daylight means a unique aurora viewing experience in the high Northern Hemisphere. The months of February and March have more daylight, but there are still enough hours to offer tourists maximum viewing changes.

Fairbanks is one of the best places in the world to view the Aurora Borealis. This is due to the combination of its location directly beneath the Auroral Oval and the unique geography that encourages stable, clear weather. But once you get there, what are the best types of aurora tours in Fairbanks, Alaska?

Alaska's Fairbanks Aurora Tour

Depending on your time and budget, you can take a guided Aurora tour to a secluded homestead cabin, combine a day trip across the Arctic Circle with an evening of extended Aurora watching, or maximize your chances of encountering the Northern Lights by spending multiple nights looking for them at the Yukon River or in Coldfoot in the Brooks Range.

Fairbanks is situated in the aurora oval and is better positioned for aurora viewing than Anchorage or Juneau. However, the city lights might decrease your chances of seeing this natural phenomenon during your trip. To increase your chances of seeing the Northern Lights, it's best to leave the city! Some of the best places to watch the Northern Lights are at Moose Mountain (a ski area located outside of Fairbanks) or Denali National Park. Chena Hot Springs, which is approximately an hour's drive outside the city, is also an aurora-watching hot spot.

Visitors can choose from a variety of tour options if they want to take advantage of guided tours in Fairbanks, Alaska. Some of these tour options include:

  • The Aurora Borealis Lodge - book a stay at this exclusive lodge and spend your stay glamping in a yurt. This option includes transport and features an opportunity for guests to learn about dog mushing, too!
  • Arctic Circle and Aurora Tour - take a drive along the famous Dalton Highway to the Arctic Circle with one of Alaska's many tour companies. Relax and watch for wildlife and the Northern Lights along the way.
  • Late-night yurt dinner with Northern Lights viewing - this one-of-a-kind experience features an Aurora Borealis viewing opportunity from right outside Fairbanks, with the chance to enjoy dinner at an off-grid Alaskan yurt.

Of course, if you are feeling adventurous and do not want to see the Northern Lights with a guided Alaska Fairbanks Aurora tour, you can always get a rental car and drive yourself to a good viewing location!

Tours In Fairbanks, Alaska

So, how do you see the Northern Lights? You need clear skies, dark skies, and high solar activity! But it also helps to have a list of the best Alaska Fairbanks Aurora Tours to plan your travel itinerary. Experienced guides can make your Northern Lights viewing experience memorable, and guarantee a spectacular light show that you will never forget.

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