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Adventure Travel is the New Normal

Changing the Travel Game

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Big changes are happening within the travel community. From the popularity of AirBnB to volunteer programs like Workaway, travelers are shifting away from high-end hotels and cookie cutter cruises. Adventure travel, also known as eco adventure travel, is becoming the new normal, and even large companies like MSN.com and The Active Times are taking notice.

MSN.com writes, “A new study by the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) revealed that, more than any other motivating factor, adventure explorers are seeking out transformative experiences while on holiday.”

Sustainable Adventure Travel

The Active Times says that adventure travelers, “…don’t want to feel like regular tourists; they want to know how locals live and be like them for a while.” Facilitating this process is something that we’re passionate about at Gondwana. Connecting visitors with authentic experiences that benefit the local community is a big part of our tours. Compared to generic organized trips that only show tourist areas, this is a breath of fresh air for those wanting to see something new.

We believe in creating meaningful connections between travelers and the places they visit. Our guided excursions immerse adventurers in the heart of local cultures, allowing them to interact with residents, taste traditional cuisine, and engage in age-old customs. Through sustainable tourism initiatives, we strive to leave a positive impact on the communities we encounter. Whether it’s staying in locally-owned accommodations or participating in grassroots conservation efforts, our trips prioritize authentic experiences that empower both travelers and locals alike. By stepping off the beaten path and embracing the unknown, our guests not only broaden their horizons but also contribute to the preservation of diverse cultures and environments.

Benefits of Sustainable Adventure Tourism

Far beyond mere sightseeing, sustainable adventure travel embodies a commitment to preserving the planet’s natural wonders, supporting local communities, and fostering meaningful cultural exchange. At its core, sustainable adventure tourism seeks to harmonize the thrill of exploration with a profound respect for both people and planet. By venturing off the beaten path, travelers embark on journeys that not only enrich their own lives but also leave a positive impact on the destinations they visit. From pristine wilderness areas to remote villages, every step taken is a conscious choice towards conservation, empowerment, and cultural understanding. With each adventure, sustainable tourism pioneers a path towards a more equitable, resilient, and interconnected world.

  1. Environmental Preservation: Sustainable adventure tourism prioritizes the conservation of natural resources and ecosystems. By encouraging low-impact activities and supporting eco-friendly practices, such as responsible waste management and wildlife protection, it helps minimize the negative impact on fragile environments.
  2. Economic Empowerment: Local communities often benefit from sustainable adventure tourism through job creation, income generation, and capacity building. By supporting small-scale businesses, artisans, and guides, it fosters economic diversification and reduces dependency on unsustainable industries.
  3. Cultural Exchange: Sustainable adventure tourism promotes authentic cultural experiences by facilitating interactions between travelers and local communities. Through homestays, cultural tours, and immersive activities, tourists gain a deeper understanding of indigenous traditions, languages, and customs while fostering mutual respect and appreciation.
  4. Social Development: Sustainable adventure tourism can contribute to social development by investing in community infrastructure, education, and healthcare. Revenue generated from tourism activities may be reinvested in initiatives that improve living standards, empower marginalized groups, and promote social cohesion within communities.
  5. Long-term Sustainability: By adopting responsible practices and promoting conservation awareness, sustainable adventure tourism aims to safeguard natural and cultural heritage for future generations. Through partnerships with conservation organizations, local governments, and communities, it seeks to create a legacy of responsible travel that ensures the longevity of destinations and their ecosystems.

Personalized Travel Adventures

If generic vacations are about staying in tourist areas, adventure travel is all about having new experiences. However, organizing these kinds of trips when you’re not familiar with the territory can be complicated, especially with international travel. MSN.com warned their readers, “Finding the best off-the-beaten path destinations and what to do once you get there requires time and research.”

When traveling with Gondwana, we aim to take the stress out of trip planning. Every aspect of our tours are hand-selected by our team to provide the best experience for our guests. When you consider that the tour prices save you time, money and effort on trip planning, it adds even more value.

Visit Endangered Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda with Gondwana Ecotours

Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda
Where can you go gorilla trekking?Adventure travel aside, the stars of the MSN.com and The Active Times articles are Rwanda’s mountain gorillas. The documentary Virunga and activists like the late Dian Fossey have brought this endangered species to the public eye. Visiting the gorillas in the Virunga Mountains is a prime example of how ecotourism benefits the local ecosystem. To make trip planning easier for our guests, we even include the $750 park entrance fee in our tour package. “Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda is the oldest national park in Africa,” and is one of the few places in the world where these mountain gorillas can be found. It is a truly beautiful place that is “>guaranteed to satisfy even the most experienced adventure traveler.


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