Celebration Vacation

Celebration Vacations in Alaska: Luxury Travel Magazine Feature

What is a Celebration Vacation?

“A recent study by AARP revealed that an astounding 75 percent of adults 45 and over have taken, or plan to take, a “Celebration Vacation.” This type of holiday is an increasingly popular way to celebrate special milestones in life like anniversaries, birthdays, family reunions and weddings.” Luxury Travel Magazine showcases our Northern Lights Tour in Alaska to celebrate those special moments.

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Whether you’re throwing a graduation party or a bridal shower, there’s always an underlying fear of hosting a ho-hum party. Instead of throwing money into a rec center or catered food, spend those funds on unforgettable experiences instead! The guest of honor is sure to remember their first time seeing the northern lights, for instance, as opposed to just another night out. Beyond that, bonding with close friends and family is part of the appeal of small group travel.

The Main Event: The Aurora Borealis

Celebration Vacation

The Northern Lights. Photo: Scott Sporleder


Though the days have a full itinerary, the aurora borealis is worth staying up, or waking up for. Luxury Travel writes that guests “…have the opportunity to photograph the Aurora Borealis under the massive Alaskan sky.” What they didn’t mention are the added perks, like personalized wakeup calls when the lights are active, ando help from a northern lights photographer to capture the show. Though the lights (like all natural wonders) can’t be guaranteed, they appear when the conditions are right. Gondwana plans our tours around when the solar lights are active, increasing the chance of seeing the aurora.

Exploring Alaskan Wilderness & Local Culture

Alaska is truly one of the most unique states in America. Though isolated, it is home to some of the most untouched, beautiful environments imaginable. With that in mind, it makes sense that a lot of the local activities are centered around the outdoors. For instance, Gondwana’s guests have the chance to, “Zip between snow-covered trees on the back of a dog-sled” while pretending they’re in the Iditarod, or simply unwind and relax during a, “soak in the mineral-rich waters of geothermal hot springs.” Whether you’re the outdoorsy type, or just want to take it easy, guests have full control of their celebration vacation.

Sustainable Travel in Alaska With Gondwana

Perhaps the most interesting part of travelling is meeting locals and exchanging stories. Fairbanks is home to many kooky, brilliant, and interesting people, who welcome travellers. In effort to support this local community, Gondwana is committed to partnering with Alaskan small businesses that put the environment, and it’s people first.

Download Our Northern Lights Brochure Here.

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