fairbanks lodge northern lights

Northern Lights Viewing in Fairbanks: Alaska Grizzly Lodge

More Than Just a Fairbanks Bed and Breakfast

fairbanks lodge northern lights

A snowy day at Alaska Grizzly Lodge

Many people find themselves searching for a Fairbanks lodge to watch the Northern Lights, and they just don’t know where to begin. One thing to consider is choosing a location outside of the city so that the light pollution from downtown can’t impact your viewing. The less light, the better your views (and photos!) will be. Alaska Grizzly is a beautiful European style lodge located 7 scenic miles from downtown Fairbanks, surrounded by spruce forest and hiking trails. You can take a short trek to visit the famous Alaska pipeline, and you might even see a moose along the way! This lodge sets itself apart from the competition with its cozy common areas, comfortable rooms, delicious food and easy access Aurora viewing. Rooms feature private bathrooms, cable TV, wireless internet and patio decks. There are full kitchen and laundry facilities available to guests. But what really makes it special is the top of the line service provided by Anita, the innkeeper and owner. She cooks incredible breakfasts each morning, makes sure that guests are happy and keeps the common areas clean, comfortable and decorated with true Alaskan charm. Her family owns a music shop so there are even guitars available for guests to play!

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One of the Best Fairbanks Aurora Viewing Spots, Feel at Home Underneath the Northern Lights

fairbanks lodge northern lights

The aurora shines over Alaska Grizzly Lodge

You never know when the Aurora is going to appear, so having an easily accessible viewing spot is a must when staying in the Fairbanks area. With Alaska Grizzly’s patios located right next to each room, you never have to take a cold walk outside to see the Aurora in action. Just throw on your jacket and step out onto the deck. That way you can at least determine whether it is worth getting completely dressed and getting your camera set up. Its so easy, you couldn’t ask for a better viewing situation!

Fairbanks is known for its stunning displays of the northern lights, and one of the best places to witness this natural phenomenon is at the Alaska Grizzly Lodge. This welcoming lodge offers a unique combination of comfort, convenience, and unparalleled access to the aurora borealis. Here’s why the Alaska Grizzly Lodge is an excellent spot for northern lights viewing:

  • Easy Accessibility to Aurora Viewing: When staying at the Alaska Grizzly Lodge, you don’t have to venture far to see the aurora borealis. Each room features a private patio or deck, allowing you to step outside and check the sky for signs of the northern lights without a long, cold walk. This proximity ensures you won’t miss a sudden burst of aurora activity, providing peace of mind and reducing the need for heavy winter gear.
  • Convenient and Comfortable Accommodation: The lodge offers a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, with comfortable rooms and common areas for relaxing after a night of aurora viewing. Guests can enjoy amenities like free Wi-Fi, a communal kitchen, and complimentary breakfast, making it a great base for exploring Fairbanks and the surrounding area during the day. The warm and friendly environment creates a “home away from home” feel, allowing you to enjoy your stay while keeping an eye on the sky.
  • Perfect for Aurora Photography: With a private patio attached to each room, the Alaska Grizzly Lodge is ideal for aurora photography. You can quickly set up your camera and tripod without the hassle of traveling to a distant location, allowing you to capture the northern lights from the comfort of your own space. This setup is perfect for both amateur and professional photographers, giving you the flexibility to experiment with different angles and compositions.

Comfortable Living, Delicious Eating

fairbanks lodge northern lights

A cozy library corner in the common area at Alaska Grizzly Lodge

Anita’s personal touches make this place one of our top choices for Fairbanks bed and breakfasts. Relax and read a book in a cozy armchair in front of a warm fireplace with bearskin rug hanging behind you. Fill up in the mornings with Anita’s famous Grand Slam Grizzly Breakfast. You can always enjoy the classics like fresh eggs, toast, bacon, home fries, cereal, coffee and orange juice. And if you are lucky Anita might make one of her specialties, like Swedish apple pancakes.

After indulging in Anita’s delicious Grand Slam Grizzly Breakfast, guests can spend their days exploring Fairbanks and all it has to offer. Whether it’s visiting the nearby museums, taking a scenic hike, or experiencing the mesmerizing Northern Lights, there is no shortage of activities to keep visitors entertained. Upon returning to the cozy bed and breakfast in the evening, guests can unwind by the fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa and share stories of their day’s adventures. Anita’s warm hospitality and attention to detail truly make this bed and breakfast a memorable retreat in the heart of Fairbanks.

Only the Best Lodges for Our Unforgettable Northern Lights Adventure

Our top priorities at Gondwana Ecotours are the safety, comfort and happiness of our clients. Working with Anita and Alaska Grizzly Lodge guarantees that guests on our trip will be comfortable, rested, well taken care of and of course well fed. Staying at Alaska Grizzly Lodge is a unique experience offering all the best of the area: beautiful nature, a rustic but comfortable atmosphere and prime Aurora viewing.

northern lights photographyOn our Northern Lights Alaskan Adventure you will get to try dogsledding, hiking with reindeer, soaking in hot springs and more. Learn how to curl from local players and visit a family organic farm to learn what homesteading in Alaska is like. Both of these are exclusive activities we designed ourselves. This adventure is the best way to get the full Alaskan experience: exciting and unique day activities with premier Northern Lights viewing at night. We even have a night guide who provides personal wake up calls when the lights are active! The best Alaskan activities, freshly prepared hearty Alaskan meals, and amazing aurora views at night. This is truly the ultimate Aurora adventure!

Want to learn more about other great Northern Lights viewing spots in Alaska include Denali National Park, known for its expansive dark skies and stunning mountain vistas which provide a dramatic backdrop to the auroral display. The remote community of Coldfoot, located north of the Arctic Circle, offers unparalleled access to the Northern Lights amidst pristine Arctic wilderness, with minimal light pollution enhancing the viewing experience. Fairbanks, besides its renowned Aurora viewing opportunities, also boasts attractions such as the Aurora Ice Museum and Chena Hot Springs, providing visitors with a unique blend of natural wonders and cultural experiences.

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