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Gondwana Press: Take Mom to Alaska!

Take Mom on Gondwana’s Northern Lights Adventure

wild alaskaGift giving can be a trying time for those trying to find a gift for the woman who has everything. Rather than giving mom the generic perfume or meal at a restaurant, travel with mom and give her the gift of adventure and help cross the aurora borealis off of her bucket list! Gondwana Ecotours’ Alaska: Northern Lights Adventure has been recommended by 4 publications as a tour that moms and their families will love.

Learn About Alaska’s Nature & Environment

Losing yourself in nature is a great way to reconnect with the environment and the larger world around you, especially while traveling!  Additionally, spending time on unique adventures like hiking with reindeer paints a complete picture of Alaska’s natural world! From soaking in geothermal hot springs to admiring the landscape of a snow-dusted forest, Alaska will immerse visitors in natural beauty.

The Alaskan wilderness offers countless opportunities to explore and understand the unique ecosystems that make this region so special. In addition to hiking with reindeer and soaking in geothermal hot springs, visitors can enjoy a wide array of other activities that showcase the state’s diverse environment. For instance, you can take a scenic flight over Denali, North America’s tallest peak, or cruise along the Kenai Fjords to witness the awe-inspiring sight of glaciers calving into the sea. For wildlife enthusiasts, Alaska is home to an incredible range of animals, from brown bears and moose to sea otters and orcas, offering a chance to observe these creatures in their natural habitats.

Northern Lights Photography

Northern Lights AlaskaFor photography buffs, nature provides the best possible subject. On every Northern Lights Adventure, guests bring home amazing photographs of the Alaskan wilderness, especially the Aurora Borealis. KD Hamptons recommends, “…by night have the opportunity to photograph the Aurora Borealis under the massive Alaskan sky!” Gondwana trip guides will wake up guests each time the lights flash across the sky so they can capture epic shots. Additionally, a professional northern lights photographer will be available to share her tricks of the trade.

These photography tricks offer more than just a chance to capture the beauty of the northern lights; they also provide unique insights into the art and science of aurora photography. The professional photographer on the Gondwana tour will guide guests through the nuances of low-light photography, helping them set up their cameras for optimal results. This includes advice on exposure times, aperture settings, and the ideal ISO range to capture vibrant aurora colors. Beyond technical guidance, the photographer shares tips on composition and framing, ensuring that each guest can create stunning images of the Alaskan landscape. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or a complete beginner, this adventure offers a unique blend of practical learning and breathtaking scenery. Guests can take home not only amazing photographs but also a wealth of knowledge to improve their photography skills.

Learn About Alaskan Culture

Spending time with locals and exploring the native culture is a big part of the Northern Lights Ecotour. suggests several of the cultural adventures that guests will encounter, from cruising “…between snow-covered trees on the back of a dog-sled” to exploring “…the frozen art of an ice-sculpture museum.” Staying outside of Fairbanks and learning about regional sports, nature and the quirky local culture will give guests a well rounded experience of Alaskan life.

Give the Gift of Travel with the
Alaska: Northern Lights Adventure

Give Mom and the family the gift of Alaskan adventure! The aurora borealis is one of nature’s most dazzling natural shows. Many people dream of seeing this amazing natural phenomenon, but few get to experience it. If seeing the northern lights has been a fantasy, help make it come true! Not only is this the trip of a lifetime, but traveling with family creates an opportunity to bond and make great memories. Join Gondwana on a Northern Lights tour for an experience the family will never forget!

Learn more about how likely you are to see the Northern Lights! Depending on various factors such as your location, weather conditions, and solar activity. If you’re in a region close to the Arctic Circle with clear skies and heightened solar activity, your chances of witnessing this awe-inspiring spectacle are significantly higher.

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