Five Fun Summer Attractions In Fairbanks

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Summer Trips To Alaska
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Exploring Fairbanks During The Summer Season

two brown bears on mountain range in alaskaWith its majestic mountains, salmon-filled streams, and impressive glaciers, Alaska is a bucket-list destination for many travelers. From mid-March through mid-September, Alaska’s summer tourist season is in full swing. One of the best places to go in Alaska in the summer is, without a doubt, Fairbanks.

Why Visit Fairbanks, Alaska?

With its unique combination of stunning natural landscapes and vibrant cultural attractions, Fairbanks offers visitors an unforgettable experience that showcases the true beauty of Alaska. Here are just a handful of reasons why you should visit Fairbanks, Alaska in the summer!

  • Comfortable temperatures – The summer temperatures in Fairbanks top out in the mid-to low-70s, meaning you can explore the great outdoors comfortably.
  • Long days – Alaska’s famous Midnight Sun means that parts of the state experience two months of continuous sun during the summer. And longer days mean more time for activities when you are visiting!
  • Outdoor activities – Alaska offers nature-loving tourists 17 national parks, 150 state parks, 16 national wildlife refuges, and 22 million acres of national forest to explore during their visit.
  • Plentiful wildlife – Summer in Alaska means grizzly sightings along the state’s many rivers and streams, as well as the opportunity to spot seals, sea lions, orcas, and other whales in coastal waters. Moose and caribou can be found in abundance almost everywhere and hundreds of bird species travel from far and wide to spend a short breeding season in Alaska.
  • The state is open for business – during the winter months, many seasonal businesses (and roads) shut down. With the influx of tourists during the summer months, however, businesses open their once-shuttered doors. Peak tourist season in Alaska means places to visit in the summer that cannot be accessed during the winter months.

Fairbanks: The Golden Heart Of Alaska

Once a small gold rush town, Fairbanks is now the second largest city in Alaska in terms of population, after Anchorage. It is located in Alaska’s interior region but is easily accessible to tourists by plane or car. The city sees many flights in and out of its airport daily and is connected to Canada by the Alaska Highway.

However, the interior location of Fairbanks means it is not accessible by cruise ship. But that’s okay – the city is one of the best places in Alaska to visit in summer and is a fantastic stand-alone escape for the intrepid traveler! What makes Fairbanks such an attractive vacation spot for visitors? Keep reading more to find out.

Summer Vacation Idea #1 – Denali National Park

Fairbanks is a great base camp for an adventure in Denali State Park. The park is located just 2 hours and 15 minutes from Fairbanks, by car. Once there, you can explore the park’s whopping 300,000-plus acres. Hike across gentle streams to alpine peaks, and enjoy spectacular views of Denali and the wildlife that call the park home. You might even catch a glimpse of a grizzly bear fishing in one of the park's pristine rivers or spot a majestic moose grazing in the meadows.

Book a room at the park’s luxury wilderness lodge to relax after a day of hiking or spend a night under the stars in a tent (or RV) in one of the park’s many campgrounds. Visitors can also take advantage of the park’s other activities, like rafting, jet boating, and more. Enjoying a hearty breakfast at the lodge's cozy dining area before embarking on another day of adventure is the perfect way to start your morning in the park.

Summer Vacation Idea #2 – LARS

Just outside of Fairbanks – on the University of Alaska in Fairbanks campus – is LARS, or the Large Animal Research Station. This unique animal refuge is one of the best places to go in Alaska in the summer to see musk oxen and other wild animals. Nestled within the pristine Alaskan wilderness, LARS offers visitors the rare opportunity to observe these magnificent creatures up close in their natural habitat, providing a truly unforgettable wildlife experience.

The R.G. White Large Animal Research Station has a broad mission to support research, education, and outreach on Alaskan animals. Better yet, they offer tours for visitors several times a day! The guided tours provide a unique opportunity for visitors to observe and learn about the diverse wildlife species that call Alaska home.

Summer Vacation Idea #3 – Pioneer Park

Pioneer Park is a group of historical buildings that were moved from downtown Fairbanks many years ago and arranged to mimic an old Gold Rush town street. The park also features museums, a riverboat, shops, restaurants, and other attractions. Little ones can enjoy taking a spin on the antique carousel or riding the train that chugs around the park’s perimeter.

Explore the historic sternwheeler, or take a walk through Mining Valley to see the equipment used by local miners. Stay a few hours or spend the whole day exploring the park – there’s plenty of fun for the entire family at this Fairbanks, Alaska park in the summer. Discover the rich history of the Gold Rush era as you immerse yourself in interactive exhibits and demonstrations that bring the mining days of the late 1800s to life.

Summer Vacation Idea #4 – Riverboat Discovery Tour

This three-hour adventure down the Chena River explores the history and culture of Alaska’s Chena River. Take a ride on the Discovery III, a huge riverboat operated by a local family. Along the way, you’ll learn about Fairbanks’ history and stop at an Athabascan Village to learn more about Native Alaskan culture and history. Take a tour of the sled dog kennel and enjoy seeing reindeer up close. During the tour, you can also witness a captivating demonstration of dog mushing by experienced Alaskan sled dogs, showcasing their agility and teamwork as they pull a sled gracefully through the snow-covered terrain.

Summer Vacation Idea #5 – Arctic Tours

The calendar may say “summer,” but you’ll want to pack some winter gear for this adventure. It may seem counterintuitive, but one of the best places to go in Alaska in the summer is the Arctic Circle! Fairbanks is an ideal jumping-off point to venture north of the Arctic Circle and take in the landscapes and lifestyles of the far north. Travelers can rent an SUV and drive the Dalton Highway North or take advantage of one of the many guided flightseeing tours that operate out of Fairbanks. Several tour companies offer exciting packages that include landing on remote glaciers or flying over the iconic Arctic Circle.

The Land Of The Midnight Sun And Summer Festivals

Fairbanks’ location in the Interior region of Alaska means that it gets hotter, and more summer-like conditions than other Alaska places to visit in summer. After a cold winter, this welcome reprieve brings native Alaskans outdoors to celebrate with a bevy of festivals, farmers markets, fairs, musical performances, and more!

If you are visiting Fairbanks, Alaska in the summer, make sure to check out some of these local venues.  And if you visit during the summer solstice, pencil the Midnight Sun festival onto your schedule – this annual event draws a crowd of 30,000 and is packed with live music, performances, food, and souvenirs. Try your hand at gold panning, pet some sled dog puppies, and cheer for the BBQ cook-off contestants.

Plan An Amazing Summer Adventure In Fairbanks Today!

If you’re planning a summer trip, Fairbanks is one of the best places to go in Alaska in the summer. From outdoor adventures at Denali State Park to a day spent exploring the town’s museums, there’s something for everyone in this cosmopolitan little city. So grab your bags and hop on the next plane to Fairbanks – adventure awaits under the Midnight Sun!

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