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Visiting Fairbanks To See The Northern Lights

Fairbanks, Alaska is one of the best places in the United States to see the Northern Lights. At 65 degrees north latitude, Fairbanks is famous for its display of lights in the nighttime sky. This location is ideal for aurora sightings because Fairbanks is located under the “Auroral Oval,” a ring-shaped zone over the far north where aurora activity is concentrated. The city’s lack of precipitation and distance from the coast also contribute to consistently clear nights – a key factor behind the success of many Fairbanks Aurora Borealis tours!

green rays of northern lights over snowcovered trees in Alaska

When Is The Best Time To See The Northern Lights In Fairbanks?

The Aurora Season in Fairbanks runs from August 21 to April 21. During this time, the Aurora will be visible in Fairbanks for an average of four nights out of five whenever the sky is clear and dark. If you want to get technical, the Aurora is dancing above our heads year-round, but is only visible during Aurora Season when the skies are dark! During the winter months in Fairbanks, the longer nights lead to the perfect conditions for Northern Lights viewing.

Where To Stay In Fairbanks, Alaska For Northern Lights Viewing

While most visitors head to Alaska’s scenic southern coast, Fairbanks is the one interior destination that attracts its fair share of visitors. This is due in large part to the sheer number of Fairbanks Aurora Borealis tours that are offered by tour operators in the city. The fact that Fairbanks is one of the best places to see Northern Lights in Alaska brings the crowds, year after year. But although Fairbanks is a small city, it still suffers from light pollution like any city of comparable size. That means that any Northern Lights viewing that you want to do is best done outside the city. And while it is possible to drive yourself to a dark location outside the city, there are many lodges and resorts that can offer you a relaxing and luxurious environment while you await the light show in the night sky.

One of the nicest perks of these specialized lodgings is the fact that they often offer Northern Lights wake-up calls. So if you’re feeling a little bit sleepy and turn in for the night before the Aurora shows up, the hotel staff will call your room to make sure you get up in time to see them! Here are our top three resort getaways where you can stay in Fairbanks, Alaska for Northern Lights viewing:

Northern Lights Lodge #1: A Taste of Alaska Lodge

camping under the northern lights in AlaskaThis family-owned lodge is located just 15 minutes outside of downtown Fairbanks. It sits on 280 acres of land and is a one-of-a-kind alternative to the more run-of-the-mill hotels you’ll find inside the city limits. The lodge offers views of the Alaska Range, Mt. Denali, and Fairbanks in the distance, as well as prime Northern Lights viewing from the comfort of its cozy interior.

A Taste of Alaska Lodge offers a variety of private rooms, large suites, and secluded, free-standing cabins on its property. But it also offers a special viewing area on the property for guests as well as visitors that is open daily during Aurora Season. If you come to Aurora Pointe’s Aurora Viewing Experience, you’ll be treated to hot beverages, baked goods, a trained guide, free WIFI, restrooms, and a wonderfully designed and comfortable space that is perfect for Fairbanks Aurora Borealis tours.

Northern Lights Lodge #2: Alaska Grizzly Lodge

If you want to know where to stay in Fairbanks, Alaska for Northern Lights viewing, the Alaska Grizzly Lodge should be at the top of your list! This facility is located 10 miles from downtown Fairbanks and is surrounded by spruce forests and hiking trails. The lodge is located close enough to the city to be easily accessible for most travelers but is far enough away from Fairbanks so that the night skies are void of light pollution. Alaska Grizzly Lodge offers Aurora wake-up service for all guests, as well as a guide who can offer tips on how to photograph this natural phenomenon. For those who want to see more of Alaska, however, the lodge also offers immediate access to trails that meander through a beautiful boreal forest. If you get a second wind after your Aurora adventure, you can wander through the woods to look for birds and other wildlife!

Northern Lights Lodge #3: Chena Hot Springs Resort

This popular resort is located 45 minutes outside of Fairbanks, but is well worth the travel time if you’re looking for one-of-a-kind Fairbanks Aurora Borealis tours! The resort is world famous for being one of the best places on Earth to see the Northern Lights, mainly because it is located far away from the light pollution of the city and because its skies are clear more often than the ones over Fairbanks. One of the most unique things about the Chena Hot Springs Resort is the hot springs! This healing, mineral-rich rock lake is one of the favorite spots of tourists to sit and watch the Northern Lights dance in the night sky. You can also take the Aurora Snow Coach tour to the top of Charlie Dome Mountain (located near the resort) and watch the Northern Lights from the comfort of a Mongolian yurt!

Book Early To Reserve Your Tour!

Whether you are planning to stay in town or at an exclusive out-of-town resort, you must book early if you want to visit Fairbanks during Aurora Season! Most of the Fairbanks Aurora Borealis tours fill up fast, so you’ll want to decide where to stay in Fairbanks, Alaska for Northern Lights viewing and then reserve your room well in advance of your trip. Don’t get left out in the cold – book your stay today!

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