An Alaskan Adventure From Fairbanks To Seward

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Summer Trips To Alaska
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Planning Your Trip To Fairbanks And Seward

Fairbanks, Alaska is 483 miles from Seward, Alaska, or approximately a nine-hour drive. Both cities are tourist destinations and attract hundreds if not thousands of visitors each. But before you plan your Alaskan adventure, it is important to find out when the best time to visit Fairbanks, Alaska is and how that compares to the best time to visit Seward, Alaska!

When Is The Best Time Of Year To Visit Fairbanks, Alaska?

Fairbanks is located in the extreme northern part of the state, 196 degrees south of the Arctic Circle. It is the largest and coldest city in the Interior region of Alaska and is the second-largest in the state. In 2020, the Census Bureau recorded the city’s population at 32,515 and the population of the surrounding borough at 95,655. Residents and visitors agree that Fairbanks is a unique place with many different sites to see and places to visit. That makes it difficult to determine the best time to visit Fairbanks, Alaska. Instead, you have to consider what you want to do or see, and plan your trip accordingly!

Fairbanks in Early Spring

Some visitors are convinced that March is the best time of year to visit Fairbanks, Alaska. Why? Here are their top five reasons:

  • March is the best time of year to see the Northern Lights in Alaska, and Fairbanks is the best place in Alaska to see them.
  • March brings longer days but there is still snow on the ground, which means you will have plenty of time to enjoy various winter activities on your trip to Fairbanks.
  • The World Ice Art Competition takes place in Fairbanks in March.
  • Your trip will be less expensive since it is off-season. Most hotels and vacation rentals are far less costly during the winter and early spring months.
  • No bugs! Alaska in the summer means mosquitoes, but a good way to avoid them is to visit when the state is still frozen!

Fairbanks In The Summer

Summer in Fairbanks means touring the Arctic Circle; enjoying water sports like rafting and canoeing; relaxing in the Chena Hot Springs; or fishing. Most visitors don’t realize how pleasant Alaska can be in the summer – during the day, temperatures remain between 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. At night, it might dip into the 40s. But the pleasant days mean visitors can enjoy the long hours of daylight by visiting the Georgeson Botanical Gardens or a farmers market for local vegetables, reindeer sausage, or locally made art. Fairbanks is also home to the Midnight Sun Festival, or visitors can book a Midnight Sun ATV Tour to explore the city at night.

Fairbanks In The Winter

If you’ve ever dreamed about seeing the Northern Lights in Alaska, winter is the best time to visit Fairbanks, Alaska. The darker night sky means that the colorful display of lights in the sky is more intense than at other times of the year. Fairbanks is the country's top Northern Lights viewing destination, and from late October to March the skies are perfect for breathtaking views of the aurora borealis.

If staying up late to look at the night sky is not your thing, winter in Fairbanks is also a great time to catch a dog sled race (including the world-famous Iditarod) or take a dog-sled tour. It’s also a great time to go ice fishing for Alaska salmon on the frozen water. Of course, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling are available during the winter months, too!

Visiting Seward In The Summer

Summer in Seward is prime tourist season, but it is also the best time to visit Seward, Alaska according to many locals. Seward is approximately 483 miles south of Fairbanks, Alaska, and is sandwiched between the Kenai Mountains and the waters of Kenai Fjords National Park. Seward is one of Alaska’s oldest and most scenic communities, with Mt. Marathon providing a majestic backdrop behind the town.

During the peak tourist season, Seward offers many different activities for visitors. A short list of some of these activities follows:

  • Boat tours at Kenai Fjords National Park – sail past some of Alaska’s most beautiful fjords and glaciers while keeping an eye out for humpback and killer whales, sea otters, harbor seals, sea lions, and puffins. Visitors can choose day tours or opt for a multi-day adventure on a private yacht or sailboat.
  • Explore Resurrection Bay – visitors can book a water taxi and get dropped off at one of the many secluded coves around the bay. Spend the day beachcombing, rent a private yurt, or kayak along the water looking for sea lions, bird rookeries, and tidewater caves.
  • Hike Exit Glacier – Alaska’s most accessible glacier is just 10-15 minutes from Seward. Visitors of all abilities can hike the gentle half-mile trail leading to the glacier to get a close-up view, or go with a guide to walk on the ice!
  • Visit local museums – check out the Seward Museum, the local library, and the Alaska SeaLife Center for a look at how the locals live and for a glimpse into the town’s history.
  • Take part in local festivals – if you’re in Seward on July 4, you can watch runners race to the summit of Mt. Marathon in America’s second-oldest footrace. And in August, you can join locals in the August Silver Salmon Derby.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Alaska?

This is a tough question and one that doesn’t have a single answer. If you’re wondering when the best time of year to visit Fairbanks, Alaska is or when the best time to visit Seward, Alaska is the easiest answer is – it depends on what you want to do! If you are interested in seeing the Northern Lights, late winter and early spring might be your best bet and you will want to plan a trip to Fairbanks. But if you are interested in more summer-like activities, visiting Seward during the peak summer tourist season may be the way to go.

No matter what time of year you decide to visit Alaska, one thing is for sure – you are in for an adventure you will never forget!

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