Finding The Best Tours In Fairbanks, Alaska

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Summer Trips To Alaska
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Why Should I Visit Fairbanks?

If you’re planning a trip to Alaska, one of the best places to visit is Fairbanks for Alaska tours! Fairbanks is one of the best places for viewing the Northern Lights in Alaska, based mainly on its location under the Auroral Oval. This area is a ring-shaped zone located in the far north of Alaska where aurora activity is concentrated. In addition, the lack of light pollution in the city means that aurora hunters don’t have to venture too far away from the downtown area in order to spot the Northern Lights. This means that your chances of seeing a stunning light show in the night sky are good if you visit during Aurora Season!

But when is the best time to see the Aurora Borealis in Alaska near Fairbanks? Experts advise that the best time to see the Northern Lights in the far north is from late August through mid-April. Luckily, Fairbanks is a great place to catch this natural light show, and many of the best tours in Fairbanks, Alaska offer visitors the option of adding on a night (or two) of Northern Lights viewing.

Chasing The Northern Lights In Fairbanks

The combination of Fairbank’s location near the Arctic Circle as well as the sheer number of airports, hotels, and restaurants has made it a favorite destination for Aurora hunters. While visitors and residents can often see the Northern Lights simply by stepping outside and looking up into the night sky, most Fairbanks Alaska tours offer people the option to get away from the city lights for a better view of the Aurora Borealis. One of the best tours in Fairbanks, Alaska is operated by Gondwana Ecotours. Gondwana offers visitors who want a Northern Lights sighting six nights on the outskirts of Fairbanks, in a cozy lodge, with expert Aurora guides and wake-up calls whenever a sighting is likely! The guides are also adept in photography tricks to help you get a clear photo of this memorable event, or simply take a photo of you under the lights to share with your family and friends.

Gondwana offers travelers the opportunity to see the Northern Lights by night and get a dose of local culture by day. Their Fairbanks, Alaska tours the following fun activities for guests:

  • A visit to Reindeer Ranch – this unique location offers guided walking tours of the ranch’s surrounding boreal forest with its herd of reindeer! Watch this mythical animal leap and jump among the trees, or just stroll lazily alongside the group. Your guide will be able to answer all questions and help you learn the ins and outs of how the reindeer adapted to the polar climate. You may even get to do a session of yoga with the reindeer – the ranch is now offering this fun way to engage with the curious creatures.
  • Take a curling lesson with a professional - Curling is a team sport, played on ice, where two teams take turns sliding stones made of granite toward a target. Many people are familiar with curling thanks to the recent Winter Olympics, but this unique arctic sport is extremely popular in Alaska even when the Olympics aren't happening. Help your team accumulate the most points for the highest score, and see who emerges as a winner!
  • Spend a day at the Museum of the North – the best tours in Fairbanks, Alaska will include a day at the Museum of the North, which is located at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks. The museum is a great place to discover Alaska’s native cultures, natural wonders, diverse wildlife, and Arctic dinosaurs, as well as 2,000 years of Alaska art. Visitors can find displays of ancient Eskimo ivory carvings as well as contemporary paintings and sculptures and displays that represent Alaska’s major ecological and cultural regions.
  • Soak in Chena Hot Springs - located an hour outside of Fairbanks, Chena Hot Springs Resort is one of the more luxurious places to see the Northern Lights. Take advantage of the natural springs at the resort and schedule your soak to coincide with the late-night appearance of the aurora. The resort also features an indoor heated pool and hot tub, and is surrounded by forests that nature lovers can explore during the day.
  • Learn to mush with dog sled team – learn the ins and outs of dog sledding as you fly across the snow in a sled pulled by a team of Alaskan Huskies. Your guide will provide commentary about four-legged team members pulling the sled, as well as information about the sport of dog sledding and its history in Alaska.

Will I See The Northern Lights If I Book A Tour?

Many people who reserve Aurora Borealis tours in Alaska near Fairbanks are worried that they will NOT see the Northern Lights during their trip. Since the Aurora is a natural phenomenon, no tour guide – not even those who run the best tours in Fairbanks, Alaska – can guarantee that you will see the Northern Lights during your trip. However, if you book during the height of Aurora Season, the odds will be in your favor because Aurora activity will be high and the probability of seeing the Northern Lights will increase. According to the guides with Gondwana Ecotours, all of the guests who took the Aurora Tour during the 2018-2019, 2019-2020, and 2020-21 seasons saw the lights at least once during their time in Alaska!

If you are looking for the best Fairbanks Alaska tours, you will have many options to choose from! Just keep in mind that not all tours are created equal and you want to do your research before you reserve a spot on a Northern Lights tour. But once you find the tour of your dreams, get ready for a one-of-a-kind experience that you won’t forget in the frozen North.

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