Northern Lights Ecotour

Chris Cruises Feature: Northern Lights Ecotour

Small Group Travel

Though blogger Chris Owen usually reviews cruise vacations, this time he has covered a land-based tour: Gondwana’s Northern Lights Ecotour. The northern lights can be seen from many places in the far northern hemisphere, by land and by sea. However, a crowded cruise is no match for Gondwana’s style of small group travel. As Chris states, “Gondwana Ecotours is committed to providing sustainable travel, maintaining an environmental and cultural focus, and providing the vacation of a lifetime.” With small group travel, the experiences are more authentic and natural than with big tour operators.

Cozy Accommodations

Though  northern lights cruises are available, they can be crowded with tourists and sleeping quarters can be cramped. “Each Alaska Northern Lights tour is limited to 12 guests and includes cozy accommodations and personal wake-up calls when the aurora is active.” Though Fairbanks and the surrounding areas may seem like the boonies to some people, it is one of Alaska’s most bustling cities. With modern amenities, the cozy cabins at A Taste of Alaska go beyond expectations; It even has a 5 star rating on TripAdvisor! The personalized services and intimate setting creates a serene place to view the northern lights.

View the Northern Lights

Northern Lights Ecotour

Taken on a Northern Lights Ecotour! Photo: Scott Sporleder

Seeking unparallelled views of the Northern Lights? There’s no better place than the secluded wilderness outside of Fairbanks. “Guests will view the magnificent Northern Lights displays from a heated log cabin away from any city lights with magnificent panoramic views.” What’s more, a professional photographer will work one-on-one with guests to get that perfect shot. There are certain times of year and locations that are optimal for seeing the aurora, and we ensure that our pristine location outside of Fairbanks hits the mark.

All guides and photographers on the Northern Lights Ecotour are carefully vetted by Gondwana’s team to make sure they align with our mission. We invest in local companies that offer guests realistic experiences and support sustainable practices. Now more than ever, it’s important to align your purchasing power with businesses that you believe in.

The Northern Lights Ecotour

Gondwana’s Northern Lights Tour in Fairbanks, Alaska promises a full itinerary, comfortable accommodations, and incredible views of the aurora. Though there are many countries and ways to travel when seeing the aurora, we believe that our mission of sustainable travel sets us apart. Find out more about the Northern Lights Ecotour!

Learn the 5 Northern Lights travel tips When planning a Northern Lights adventure, consider traveling during the winter months, typically from September to April, when nights are longer and skies are darker. Choose a destination with minimal light pollution, such as remote areas or designated dark sky reserves, to maximize your chances of witnessing a vibrant aurora display. Additionally, be prepared for cold temperatures by dressing in layers and bringing along warm beverages and snacks to stay comfortable during your aurora-hunting excursions.

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