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Let’s Have Some Winter Fun In Alaska!


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Summer Trips To Alaska
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Visiting Alaska During The Shoulder Season

Do you like snow? Is getting outside to ski and snowshoe your idea of a good time? If so, you are in luck! Alaska is a dream come true for anyone who wants to experience a winter wonderland. Although traveling to the frozen North in the winter does take a fair bit of planning, there’s nothing to worry about – we’ve done the homework for you. Read on for more tips and trips about Alaskan winter travel.

moose in winter landscape in Alaska

Alaska Tours In March

When you think about winter, you don’t typically think about the month of March. In most parts of the United States, March means spring flowers, gentle rain showers, and warming temperatures. However, thanks to the long cold season, March is probably the best month to experience Alaska in winter! Here are the top three reasons to plan Alaska tours in March:

  • Alaska in March features a lot of snow, a return of normal daylight hours, and endless outdoor activities!
  • March temperatures in Alaska are moderate. Most days warm up to the high 20s or more, with nighttime temperatures in the teens. Although there is still a possibility of a winter storm, the arctic temperatures become increasingly rare as the month rolls on.
  • March is still a great time to see the Northern Lights! The midnight sun is still a few months out, so the nighttime sky remains dark enough for stargazing and northern lights viewing.

Alaska's Temperatures in March: What to Expect

In March, Alaska begins to hint at the promise of spring, but winter still firmly holds its grip. As daylight increases, the temperatures start to climb, yet they remain chilly compared to most other places. Expect daytime highs in the southern parts, like Anchorage, to hover around the mid-20s to low 30s Fahrenheit (-4 to 0 degrees Celsius), while nighttime lows can dip into the teens (-10 to -7 degrees Celsius). Further north, in Fairbanks and beyond, temperatures can be significantly colder, often remaining below zero for much of the day. The coastal areas may experience more moderate conditions due to the ocean's influence, but wind chills can make it feel much colder. Snow is still common, so winter activities like skiing and dog mushing are in full swing. Layers are essential for comfort, as you’ll want to be prepared for the crisp, often brisk air, but also for the rare and delightful moments when the sun's warmth breaks through, offering a brief respite from the cold.

northern lights in Alaskan winterYou may be wondering what to pack for Alaska tours in March. The good news is that regular winter clothing will handle most March conditions. As long as you pack a hat, gloves, parka, and some insulating layers, you should be fine! Plan to layer, because temperatures can fluctuate wildly each day. And don’t forget your sunglasses and sunblock – even though it’s not summer, Alaska’s winter sun can be bright.

What Can I Do In Alaska In March?

One of the most popular things to do in Alaska no matter the time of year is wildlife viewing. Although many native animals are just waking up from their winter hibernation, intrepid adventurers can see moose, ravens, snowshoe hares, lynx, chickadees, and redpolls during the month. There are also a ton of exciting activities for tourists, including dogsledding, snowshoeing, skiing, hiking, Northern Lights viewing, or exploring cultural sites and museums in Alaska’s cities.

Alaska Tours In November

Traveling to Alaska in November can be challenging, but is definitely worth the trip for travelers who want to get a taste of true winter. During the month of November, the hours of darkness increase while the hours of daylight decrease. Many animals – and humans, too – tend to hibernate during this month. On the flip side, there are fewer people planning Alaska tours in November, so you’ll find cheaper lodging, less expensive tours, and almost no crowds! Here are the top three reasons to visit Alaska in November:

  • The temperature isn’t as cold as it is in January or February. In early November, the high in Anchorage hovers around freezing and doesn’t drop to the low 20s until the end of the month.
  • Alaska’s northernmost cities won’t see the sun for a good chunk of the winter, making November a great month for Northern Lights viewing near the Arctic Circle.
  • Alaska in November features a plethora of cheery Christmas light displays, and the trails around major cities are in perfect shape for a winter hike or cross-country skiing.

Packing for Alaska tours in November can be tricky. The key, however, is layering! You will definitely need long underwear (both top and bottom), a fleece or down vest, a fleece jacket, fleece insulating bottoms, wind/snow pants, a wind/ski jacket, winter boots, liner socks, wool socks, mittens, a hat, a buff, and snow gaiters. The good news is that is you don’t have everything on the list, some tour operators can rent you the more extreme winter gear!

What Can I Do In Alaska In November?

Alaska in November is a great time to experience the off-season. With the majority of tourists gone, you can enjoy discounts at many of Alaska’s fine lodges; hike undisturbed through a temperate rainforest; book a charter to go flightseeing over Denali; visit the Arctic circle; pet reindeer at Running Reindeer Range in Fairbanks; take a dip in the Chena Hot Springs to warm up; see bald eagles at the Chilkat Bald Eagle preserve; or take any number of guided sea kayaking, camping, or snowshoeing tours!

Alaska December Tours

Visiting Alaska in December can be exhilarating. The days are short, the nights are long, and the landscape has been transformed by the snow. Although many famous attractions are closed for the season, the dark winter comes alive with a myriad of holiday activities. City museums remain open during the winter months, too, and winter sports are in full swing by the holidays.

Three Key Things To Know About Alaska In December

  • Dawn comes late to Alaska in December. In many places, you won’t see sunrise until 9 a.m. or later, and the sun fades by mid-afternoon.
  • Although many tourist attractions are closed, visitors can find plenty of lodges and bed and breakfasts operating on winter schedules – and for less money!
  • Northern Lights viewing is at its peak, especially during the clear, cold nights of December.

One of the top reasons to take Alaska December tours is that it’s a great time to meet locals! Most tourists do not book tours in the deep, dark winter months, so if getting a taste of the true Alaska matters to you, December is a great month! Alaskans embrace the winter season with high spirits and plenty of celebrations to keep the cold away, and will happily welcome tourists to join their festivities. Just remember, the key to enjoying Alaska in the winter months is to pack appropriately. See our list of November gear above – just pack similarly for the month of December!

Alaskan dog sled

What Can I Do In Alaska In December?

Alaska December Tours are unique. There are plenty of things to see and do in the colder months, including:

  • Snowshoeing in Denali National Park
  • Northern Lights viewing in Fairbanks
  • Taking the Aurora Winter Train to see the snowy backcountry on the way to Talkeetna or Fairbanks
  • Cross-country or downhill skiing
  • Visiting the Mendenhall Glacier
  • See native animals at the Alaska Zoo

December is not a great month for wildlife viewing in Alaska, however. You may be able to spot moose at Palmer Hay Flats and Potter Marsh near Anchorage, but most wildlife is hunkered down from the cold and not easily spotted.

Alaska during the winter season is a truly unique experience. If you pack for the cold and are prepared for adventure, Alaska tours in March, Alaska tours in November, and Alaska December tours are a once-in-a-lifetime experience you will never forget!

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