Sustainable Travel To Cuba

How To Travel Responsibly To Cuba

  • The mission of these tours is to promote a dialogue between Cubans and other cultures through people-to-people exchange. Our guides facilitate conversations about different political systems and ways of life, and our activities highlight the ecosystems, cultures and traditions that make Cuba unique.
  • Our aim is to offer visitors an authentic experience that benefits and protects the local culture and environment, instead of exploiting it or encouraging change to their way of life. We accomplish this through our day to day ethical practices, our small group learning sessions and our partnerships with independent locals. We work with specialists and cultural guardians whose values match our aim to help preserve and protect.
  • We carbon offset the flights for all of our guests, provide reusable water bottles, and support local businesses.

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Not into cruise-ship style travel? Then you’ve come to the right place. Join us for a unique and in depth experience, and get an insider’s view into the culture and nature of this incredible island nation. Enjoy beaches, tobacco plantations, classic cars, delicious cuisine, captivating history and live music!

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