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Chicago Tribune Features Gondwana’s Rwanda Trip

Chicago Tribune Features Gondwana’s Rwanda Gorilla Trek

The Chicago Tribune has recommended Gondwana’s Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda as an exotic travel destination. Author Phil Marty writes, “For nature lovers, few things can compare to the experience of seeing mountain gorillas in the wild.” Going on a guided trek is the only way to see the endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitat.

The mountain gorillas are critically endangered, largely due to deforestation and poaching. The Virunga National park provides a safe haven for the gorillas and their population has increased from 620 in 1989 to 786 estimated today. Guided trekking promotes natural conservation while sharing the beauty of this rare species, aligning with Gondwana’s model of sustainable travel.

The mountain gorillas live in the Virunga National Park, spanning 7,800-sq km (3,000 sq mi) of Rwanda, Uganda and the Congo. Because of diverse wildlife and varied ecosystems, this park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The landscape features lush jungles, mountains, lakes and volcanos, making it a must-see for adventure travellers.

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The Chicago Tribune shares that, “Mountain gorilla treks are very regulated” and “Naturally there’s no guarantee you’ll see gorillas, but the odds are quite good that you will.” Because the treks are a form of conservation, the hikes are led by a professional guide, and viewing times are limited so the gorillas aren’t disturbed. Though finding the mountain gorillas in their natural habitat is difficult, trekking with expert local guides greatly increases the chance.

Gondwana’s Rwanda Gorilla Trek includes many highlights of Central Africa’s natural wonders. This guided trek in the Virunga National Park provides travellers with an intimate look into the lives of these gentle giants. Though finding the mountain gorillas is not certain, chances are high that you will since the trek is led by a park guide and the trackers are experts at locating mountain gorillas for both tourism and conservation efforts. The article notes that “This package also spends time exploring the capital city of Kigali, but most of the time is in the jungles,” making this a perfect trip for adventurous nature lovers.

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