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Gondwana Featured in LA Times

Rwanda Gorilla Trek by Gondwana Ecotours Featured in LA Times

Gondwana Ecotours has been featured by the LA Times (and other notable publications) for our Gorilla Trekking Trip in Rwanda. Writer Rosemary McClure mentions that a highlight of the trip is “All hikes are led by gorilla conservationists,” and this small group trip is kept to 12 guests. Guided by experts, this creates an intimate opportunity for travelers to see the critically endangered mountain gorillas and explore Rwanda’s natural beauty.

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Gorilla trekking allows tourists to see the beauty of this rare species while supporting their conservation. Joining a trek is a great way for adventurous travelers to get their feet wet, or in this case, muddy, and learn about mountain gorillas in their natural habitat.

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The World Wildlife Fund estimates that there are less than 900 mountain gorillas alive today, due to the threat of hunters, civil unrest, and loss of habitat. Gondwana’s Gorilla Trekking trip visits the near extinct mountain gorillas and educates travelers about their preservation efforts. A permit is needed to visit the these animals in their natural habitat, which helps the local economy and supports the protection of the endangered mountain gorillas.

In addition to trekking through the jungle, this trip provides a glimpse of Rwanda’s beautiful natural resources. The LA Times recommends “explore massive Lake Kivu by boat,” and “soak in the Kivu Hot Springs.” This is one of the African Great Lakes, and its expanse is dotted with scenic islands. Relaxing by this beautiful lake is sure to be trip highlight, and will undoubtedly reward travelers with amazing photos.

Highlighted in the LA Times recommendation is the opportunity to explore the vast expanse of Lake Kivu aboard a boat—a truly immersive experience that allows travelers to witness the grandeur of one of Africa’s Great Lakes up close. The scenic islands that dot the lake’s surface serve as picturesque backdrops, offering ample opportunities for capturing breathtaking photographs and creating lasting memories.

Why The LA Times Would Feature Our Rwanda-Based Ecotour

The LA Times likely selected Gondwana Ecotours’ Rwanda Gorilla Trekking trip for its feature due to several compelling reasons. Firstly, Gondwana Ecotours has established itself as a reputable and responsible tour operator known for its commitment to sustainable travel practices. The LA Times recognizes the importance of promoting eco-conscious tourism initiatives, and Gondwana Ecotours’ dedication to environmental conservation aligns with their values.

Secondly, Rwanda’s gorilla trekking experiences are globally renowned, offering a rare opportunity to encounter endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. The LA Times seeks to highlight unique and transformative travel experiences, and the chance to witness these majestic creatures up close undoubtedly qualifies as a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Additionally, Gondwana Ecotours’ Rwanda Gorilla Trekking trip likely stood out for its emphasis on immersive cultural experiences and community engagement. Beyond the gorilla encounters, the trip likely includes interactions with local communities, providing travelers with insights into Rwandan culture and heritage. The LA Times values authentic and enriching travel experiences that go beyond the surface level, making this aspect of the tour appealing for its readership.

Overall, Gondwana Ecotours’ Rwanda Gorilla Trekking trip offers a unique blend of adventure, conservation, and cultural immersion—a combination that resonates with the discerning readership of the LA Times and aligns with their editorial focus on promoting responsible and impactful travel experiences.

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About our Adventures

Gondwana Ecotours is dedicated to supporting environmental and cultural causes through travel, and makes donations to non-profit groups on this trip. On the Rwanda Gorilla Trek, we carbon offset all of our guests’ travel and contribute to Aspire Rwanda, a non-profit enabling women (who will teach guests about Rwandan cuisine in a cooking class!) with job skills and education. These causes embody the mission of Gondwana Ecotours by promoting an environmental and cultural benefit and creating an unforgettable experience.

With Our inclusion in the LA Times feature, Gondwana Ecotours’ expedition to Rwanda promises an unforgettable journey that combines adventure, exploration, and immersion in the unparalleled beauty of Lake Kivu and its surroundings. Travelers embarking on this remarkable adventure are sure to be rewarded with awe-inspiring experiences and unforgettable moments that will linger in their memories long after the journey concludes.

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