CEO Blog Nation Features Gondwana Founder, Jared Sternberg

Jared Sternberg Explains Gondwana Company Name in CEO Blog Nation Article

Jared Sternberg, Gondwana’s president and founder, was recently asked by CEO Blog Nation to share how he came up with the company name. Surprisingly, the name Gondwana comes from a story about reggae music, travel and an ancient supercontinent.

In the interview, Jared says the word Gondwana stuck with him after his brother gave him a CD from a Chilean reggae band by that name. Fast forward to 15 years later, Jared decided to start an ecotourism company and knew that Gondwana was the perfect title for the business. As he states in the article, “Gondwana was part of the Pangea supercontinent, when all the continents were together and the world was one. Since my goal was to bring people from different continents closer together through travel, I figured well… if the shoe fits.” As they say, the rest is history.

A seasoned traveller, Jared’s enthusiasm for adventure was cultivated at a young age. A California native, he backpacked across Europe while in college. When working in Ghana to build a vocational school, he noticed how travel brought a mutual benefit to the traveller and the community in Ghana. With a desire to make a difference, he studied environmental and human rights law at Tulane University in Louisiana, while continuing to travel and volunteer worldwide. He founded Gondwana Ecotours in 2013 with the goal of promoting sustainable travel.

A passion for travel, sustainability and growing community has been behind Gondwana Ecotours from the beginning. Giving back to the earth and it’s people is a large part of Gondwana’s mission, which is delivered through carbon offsetting and contributing donations to several non-profits. Additionally, focusing on small group travel allows guides to provide individualized attention to guests. The results are environmentally friendly trips that amaze travellers with natural wonders and local experiences.

CEO Blog Nation writes, “Having a brand behind a strong title can make all the difference in the world,” and for Gondwana Ecotours, it literally has. With making a difference in mind, the company aims to connect people from different continents while respecting the earth. Clearly, Gondwana’s business name has roots that represent what the earth was, and through ecotourism, what it could be.

Jared Sternberg on a Jungle Bridge

Jared on a bridge in the jungle!

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