indigenous people of the Amazon

Indigenous People of the Amazon

Amazonian Native Tribes

travel in ecuador achuarWhen most people think of traveling to the Amazon Rainforest, trees, rivers and exotic animals come to mind. But make no mistake, this pristine jungle is home to many indigenous tribes as well. For thousands of years, these people have depended on the land for everything from shelter to medicine, and their survival depends on these natural resources. Gondwana’s Amazon Awakening tour allows guests to spend one-on-one time with the Achuar tribe in a remote area of Ecuador.

Uncontacted Tribes in the Amazon Seek Help

The Amazon spans several countries in South America, with Brazil, and Colombia hosting the most space. The rainforest has been inhabited for at least 11,200 years, since the first settlement at Brazil’s Caverna da Pedra Pintada. There are currently about 400 individual tribes in the Amazon, each with their own language, customs and culture.

Amazingly, there are still many groups living in the Amazon whose have had no contact with the outside world. Brazil has an estimated 27-70 isolated tribes, while Peru hosts 14-15. When these tribes occasionally make contact with the outside world, a resurgence of attention comes back to the area. In Peru, the Mashco-Piro tribe has recently been making contact with a nearby town for food and supplies. Government officials are deciding how to approach the situation, since they don’t know the reason why the tribe is reaching out. Problems like deforestation, drug smuggling and habitat destruction are forcing these previously isolated tribes to seek other options. When it comes to uncontacted tribes, we advocate for allowing them peace without interruption. Unfortunately, that is not always a realistic possibility.

Preserving Their Environment and Culture

While progress for most Westerners is defined as having the newest technology, progress for the  native Amazon tribes means preserving their culture and environment. Increasingly, foreign companies have stripped the Amazon Rainforest of trees, oil, and habitats in the name of profit. With this in mind, the indigenous people of the Amazon have come up with creative ways to combat these problems.

indigenous people of the Amazon

Achuar Wildlife Expert

Whether through sustainable tourism, selling traditional arts and crafts, or finding other resources, indigenous people of the Amazon have found ways to create profit while staying true to their cultural roots. A shining example of this is the Kapawi Ecolodge, which the Achuar built to promote ecotourism to their community. With sustainably crafted buildings with solar panels, solar showers, chemical free water-filtration devices and community involvement, the ecolodge incorporates environmental business practices every step of the way.

Save Ecuador’s Rainforest with the Indigenous People of the Amazon

Typically, the Save the Rainforest movement is associated with how removing natural resources from the land affects the flora and fauna. However, there are thousands of indigenous people of the Amazon who depend on these elements as well. The people who lived in this region for thousands of years have equal rights to have food sources, clean water, and an unthreatened habitat.

The goal of Gondwana’s Amazon Awakening Tour is to shed light on these issues, while helping the Achuar promote the Kapawi Ecolodge and experiencing the richest landscapes and cultures Ecuador has to offer . Download the brochure to learn more!

Where can you can see howler monkeys, sloths, and marmosets in the lush rainforests of Central and South America? Particularly in countries like Costa Rica, Brazil, and Peru. These diverse ecosystems provide habitats for these fascinating animals, offering opportunities for wildlife enthusiasts to observe them in their natural environments.

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