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Modern Traveler Feature: Visit Remote Amazon Tribe

Modern Traveler & the Amazon Awakening Tour

Our friends at Modern Traveler have featured Gondwana’s Amazon Awakening tour again! This article shares an in-depth look at the origin of the trip and the eco-friendly benefits of traveling with Gondwana. Christine Gray writes about the history, nature, and cultural experiences that guests will encounter on this adventure.

When traveling in a foreign country, sometimes there’s a feeling of being in unfamiliar territory. Luckily, guests on this tour will benefit from  insider knowledge as bilingual guides, Achuar (indigenous) guides, and Gondwana tour leaders will put them at ease as they navigate the country and the Amazon Basin. Equipping guests with this knowledge allows them to relax and explore.

Amazon Awakening: A History of the Tour

For Gondwana founder, Jared Sternberg, the inspiration for this trip began years ago, when a volunteer opportunity turned into much more. Modern Traveler highlights, “Sternberg’s life was changed forever when he worked as an English teacher in the Achuar village of Kosutkau back in 2011. Residing with the Achuar revealed how impactful ecotourism can be for indigenous peoples, and ultimately inspired the formation of Gondwana Ecotours.” Volunteering with the Achuar opened the doors between their two cultures, and this relationship gives travellers inside access with the tribe.

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Traveling From Quito to the Amazon Rainforest

From Quito to the Amazon, each moment on this trip will astound the senses. Traveling from a bustling, modern city to an isolated region of the rainforest reveals the contrast between two very different cultures within the same country. After landing and exploring Quito, guests will start the journey into the Amazon, arriving in a remote village of indigenous indians. The Achuar members are expert naturalists, so expect in-depth coverage of the rainforest’s ecosystems. Wild toucans, howler monkeys, and pygmy marmosets are just a few of the animals that can be seen.

Sustainable Travel in the Amazon Basin

With such rare cultures and wildlife, the Amazon Basin is one of the most bio-diverse environments on the planet. Jared Sternberg believes that ecotourism is one way to combat exploitation of natural resources and support indigenous communities:

“The Kapawi Ecolodge and other ecotourism projects helped the Achuar protect their environment and improve their lifestyle in defining ways,” said Sternberg. “The lodge helps conserve an important section of the Amazon basin, assists the Achuar economically and politically, and provides tourists a unique and moving glimpse into a culture that was isolated from the rest of the world until the late 1960s.”

From people to trees, many life forms have been impacted by development in the Amazon. Ultimately, Gondwana hopes that this trip brings awareness to Ecuador’s indigenous people and environment.

Travel Ecuador Like a Local!

From volunteering to eco-travel, Jared Sternberg knows Ecuador like an insider. Spending time with the Achuar community and in the Amazon gives travellers a glimpse into a culture that has preserved its traditions, and will teach them about the fragility of this natural resource. Take Modern Traveler’s recommendation and join us on our next Amazon Awakening tour in Ecuador!

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