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Sustainable Travel Growing: Double Feature

Ecotourism Grows

Reporting on the ecotourism industry, “…the Center for Responsible Travel revealed that sustainable travel once again outpaced the rest of the tourism industry as demand for more socially and environmentally focused tours” increases. As responsible travel grows, Gondwana Ecotours is excited to be part of this movement and facilitate sustainable travel between the traveler and the places we visit.

Sustainable Travel & Tours

The Modern Traveler and Discover Animals websites are spreading the word to their global audience. Along with information about the ecotourism industry, they recommend some of their favorite trips and tour companies. Gondwana is lucky enough to have TWO of our trips featured by these publications. Focusing on the nature and culture of the locations we visit, we help adventurous travelers experience things that most tourists don’t get to see.

When traveling with Gondwana, we ensure the comfort and safety of every guest. Firstly, this means organized transportation, accommodation and activities. On a more personal level, we’re available to answer questions, provide packing lists, and modifications for guests with special requests. We take care of the details so guests can spend their time adventuring and relaxing.

Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda sustainable travel

“Encounter some of the last remaining mountain gorillas in the world by trekking into the lush forests of Rwanda, home to hundreds of species of birds and numerous waterfalls.” Gorilla trekking in Rwanda at Virunga National Park is the highlight of this tour and exemplifies how sustainable tourism can impact a community. A variety of cultural and nature-based activities gives insight to how the country rebuilt after the Rwandan genocide. For each tour sold, a donation will be made to a local non-profit, Aspire Rwanda. Read more on the best safari spots in Africa.

Amazon Awakening Tour

Pygmy Marmosets

Among the Trees

On the 8 day Amazon Awakening tour, guests will go deep into the Amazon rainforest and encounter indigenous tribes, exotic animals and incredible nature. Traveling from Quito, Ecuador to a remote area of the rainforest is made easy with pre-organized transportation. “On this intrepid adventure explore the world’s largest river system by foot, plane, motorized canoe and kayak.” Aligning with the sustainable travel mission, guests will stay in an eco-lodge owned and operated by the Achuar, an indigenous tribe.

The Goals of Sustainable Travel

The purpose of sustainable travel tours is multifaceted and revolves around promoting environmentally, socially, and economically responsible travel practices. Here are some key purposes:
Environmental Conservation: Sustainable travel tours aim to minimize the negative impacts of tourism on natural environments. This includes reducing carbon emissions, protecting wildlife habitats, preserving biodiversity, and promoting conservation efforts.

Cultural Preservation: These tours often prioritize the preservation of local cultures, traditions, and heritage. They engage with communities in a respectful manner, supporting local artisans, cultural practices, and historical sites.

Community Empowerment: Sustainable travel tours contribute to the economic development of local communities by providing employment opportunities, supporting small businesses, and investing in local infrastructure and services. They prioritize fair wages and working conditions for local employees.

Education and Awareness: These tours often incorporate educational components to raise awareness about environmental and social issues. Travelers may learn about local ecosystems, conservation initiatives, cultural practices, and sustainable living practices.

Promotion of Responsible Tourism: By setting an example of responsible travel behavior, sustainable tours seek to inspire travelers to make more conscious choices in their own travels. This can lead to a ripple effect, encouraging more people to prioritize sustainability in their travel decisions.

Long-Term Viability: Sustainable travel tours aim to ensure the long-term viability of tourism destinations by balancing the needs of the environment, local communities, and travelers. This involves careful planning and management to prevent over-tourism, degradation of natural resources, and negative cultural impacts.

Overall, the purpose of sustainable travel tours is to promote a more harmonious relationship between tourism and the environment and to foster positive social and economic benefits for local communities while providing enriching experiences for travelers. If you are interested in sustainable travel, please take a moment to see our current sustainable travel itineraries!

Commitment to Sustainable Travel

From the beginning, sustainability has been the focus of Gondwana’s mission statement. From the businesses we work with to the things we consume, every choice has a larger impact. Read our 7-point mission statement about responsible travel.

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