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Honeymoon in Rwanda by UK Wedding Magazines

UK Wedding Magazines has featured Gondwana’s gorilla trek in Rwanda as a unique honeymoon destination for nature lovers. The publication promotes, “If you’re on the hunt for a honeymoon with a difference Gondwana Ecotours has just announced a new eight-day adventure tour of Rwanda.” Providing wedding and honeymoon planning services, UK Wedding Magazines supports the trip because of it’s cultural and environmental impact.

If the idea of a generic honeymoon (think beach, sun and surf) bores you, Rwanda provides an exciting alternative destination. As one of Africa’s safest countries, Rwanda has bounced back from the devastating civil war and genocide of the early ‘90s. Tourism in Rwanda has increased dramatically due to the popularity of gorilla trekking, but this exotic destination is still considered off the beaten path.

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Gorilla Trekking in Volcanoes National Park & Rwandan Culture in Kigali

Clearly, the focus of this excursion is spending time in nature, making this the perfect getaway for couples who love the outdoors. The trip includes a permit to visit habituated mountain gorillas in their natural habitat, and a trained guide to lead you through Volcanoes National Park. “…trekking into the Virunga Mountains to observe some of the last remaining mountain gorillas in the world” is an experience that many travellers describe as life changing.

Back in the capitol, honeymooners will be treated to Kigali’s well known museums, non-profits, and experiences. Travellers will “visit the Kigali Genocide Memorial,” attend a cooking class at the non-profit ASPIRE Rwanda, and check out an art collective. The cultural experiences in Rwanda help visitors gain insight to the country and locals that share their homeland.

Gondwana Organizes Your Honeymoon

After the stress of planning a wedding, it’s a relief to have all of the honeymoon’s hotels, meals, and attractions organized by Gondwana. Though this ecotourism trip focuses on natural and cultural topics, know that guests won’t be forced to rough it! Accommodations on the trip are modern and comfortable with all the conveniences of home. Most meals are included in the trip price which helps save time, effort and money. Our hand-crafted trips make small group travel simple and easy.

Gondwana’s motto is “Ecotours with Soul,” and we believe that newlyweds should have a “Honeymoon with Soul” too! With an exotic destination, a natural and cultural focus, and hand-crafted accommodations, this trip is guaranteed to provide lasting memories. Contact us or download the itinerary for more information on the Rwanda Gorilla Trek for your honeymoon.

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