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Destination: Rwanda, Africa

Vacations & Travel Magazine has featured our Rwanda ecotour in their Destination: Africa section. Their trip highlight: “Observe endangered mountain gorillas in their natural jungle habitat with Gondwana Ecotours’ new eight-day adventure tour of Rwanda.” Since Africa is home to some of the world’s most unique biodiversity, animal lovers and adventure junkies are drawn to explore her mysterious terrain. With only 900 critically endangered gorillas remaining, seeing them in the wild is an unforgettable experience.

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Yes, you can get this close to a mountain gorilla!

Volcanoes National Park

As the oldest national park in Africa, Volcanoes National Park has been through a lot of changes. Once the home base for zoologist Dian Fossey until her devastating murder, the park has seen more than it’s fair share of war, poachers and violence. However, 2005 was a turning point for the park, when the focus turned to preserving the mountain gorillas.

Though the animals are certainly the main attraction, the people who work alongside them deserve special attention too. Guests will, “Trek with dedicated conservationists deep into the rugged Virunga Mountains…” to encounter habituated mountain gorilla families. The word “dedicated” is a beautiful way to describe the relationship between the naturalists and the gorillas. Since the gorillas share up to 98% of human DNA, there is a special bond that forms with primates that are so similar to us.

Ecotourism & Community in Rwanda

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Locals near Volcanoes National Park

Recently, Gondwana was also published in Epicure & Culture, explaining the benefits of ecotourism and gorilla trekking in Rwanda. Beyond mountain gorilla trekking, there is a deeper impact on Rwanda’s community. Jobs created in Volcanoes National Park have given opportunities for poachers to trade a deadly job for a sustainable career. What’s more, some of the proceeds from gorilla trekking permits go straight to community development projects, that have a cultural or agricultural focus.

Back in Kigali, Rwanda’s capital, “Gondwana Ecotours donates up to 10 percent of all sales to the not-for-profit organisation Aspire Rwanda, teaching women employment skills to improve their quality of life.” Guests on our ecotour will also attend a cooking class led by the women in this program. We believe in supporting local nonprofits that support the environment and native cultures. As we grow these relationships in Rwanda, we hope to see the country continue to improve because of groups like Aspire that are dedicated to helping women achieve long-term success.

8 Days of Adventure in Rwanda

Take the tip from Vacations & Travel Magazine and join Gondwana Ecotours on our gorilla trek in Rwanda. In addition to gorilla trekking, there are 8 days of natural and cultural activities that await on this unforgettable adventure. Learn more about trip inclusions here!

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