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What To Do And See When Visiting Buenos Aires!

Planning a trip to Buenos Aires means scheduling time to experience the city’s outstanding architecture, world-class theaters and bookstores, great museums and galleries, lovely parks, iconic bars and cafes, an incredible culinary scene, fantastic tango shows, and raucous nightlife. With so much to do and see, Buenos Aires travel offers something to delight every visitor!  Beautiful and intense, Argentina’s capital city is ready to welcome you.

However, planning the perfect trip can be overwhelming. Visiting Buenos Aires can feel more like a marathon than a relaxing vacation. With countless places to visit and things to do, it’s a good idea to enlist the help of a travel planner to make sure you can check everything off your bucket list. Planning a trip to Buenos Aires is a job for professionals so that you can enjoy your time abroad!

What Is The Best Time To Visit Buenos Aires?

The first thing a travel planner can help you decide is when to visit Buenos Aires. Before you embark on a trip, remember that summer in Argentina runs from December until February, and winter runs from June until September! Most travel planners will tell you that visiting Buenos Aires from February to May and from October to December is a good option. December and January is generally too hot! During the spring, the streets of Buenos Aires will turn purple because of the Jacaranda trees and the cool breeze will make your stay comfortable.

Two Key Tips To Remember When Traveling In Argentina

If you aren’t an experienced traveler, it’s good to remember two key tips when visiting Argentina – especially Buenos Aires! This will save you a lot of headaches and help you acclimate to the culture more easily by clearing up any confusion over local customs.

  • The days in Buenos Aires start late! The early bird does NOT get the worm in Buenos Aires. The locals are not morning people, and most shops and main tourist spots open at 10 a.m.! If you want to experience the city during your Buenos Aires travel, remember to start your day later in the morning.
  • Be prepared to eat late! The city’s locals get started late, and they go to bed even later. Most dining establishments don’t open until after 8 p.m. Don’t be surprised if you see locals starting their evening at 9 or 10 p.m. On weekends, expect to see people sitting down to dinner at midnight!

Finding The Best Places To Stay In Buenos Aires

When planning your Buenos Aires travel, one of the most important decisions you will have to make is where to stay! Staying in a neighborhood that appeals to you the most is important during your trip to Buenos Aires. But don’t forget to consider the proximity to the town’s center, or to the attractions you want to visit. Being stuck out in the suburbs is not a good option if you want to experience everything Buenos Aires has to offer!

Two of the best neighborhoods to stay in while visiting Buenos Aires are San Telmo and Palermo. San Telmo is the oldest neighborhood in Buenos Aires. It is quiet and peaceful – a good place to rest and recharge each night! Plus, you can reach the presidential palace or Puerto Madero in just 10 minutes. Many tourists opt to stay in this neighborhood when planning a trip to Buenos Aires.

Palermo, however, is famous for its nightlife. From bars to discos, this neighborhood is vibrant, trendy, and alive! If you want to experience Buenos Aires after hours, Palermo is the ultimate hotspot. Enjoy late night adventures in a bustling, cosmopolitan city and easy access via public transportation to the city’s attractions by day when you stay in Palermo.

Top Five Attractions To Visit In Buenos Aires

Like every big city, Buenos Aires demands that you plan well and use your time efficiently to make the most of your visit.  Planning a trip to Buenos Aires may be overwhelming, but it can be fun, too! Here are five places to include on your Buenos Aires travel itinerary once you begin making your plans.

  • Plaza de Mayo – the Plaza de Mayo is the country’s political heart. Due to its central location and iconic buildings, it’s the ideal place to begin your sightseeing tour and to get an introduction to the city and its culture. When visiting the Plaza de Mayo, make sure to see: the Metropolitan Cathedral; The Presidential Palace, known as the Casa Rosada; the world-famous balcony of Evita Peron; the old colonial town hall, or Cabildo; the Pirámide de Mayo; the meeting point of the Madres de Plaza de Mayo; and the Avenida de Mayo.
  • Cementerio de la Recoleta - the cemetery of Recoleta is called one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the world. Just a few minutes from downtown and right in the center of the elegant Recoleta neighborhood, this is the final resting place of Buenos Aires’ rich and famous, including Evita Perón. The cemetery itself is considered a piece of art, due to the great variety of architectural styles seen in its richly ornamented mausoleums and crypts. When visiting Buenos Aires, exploring the cemetery with a guide is a good idea. If you go on your own, be sure to buy a map!
  • Visit the museums in Buenos Aires - Buenos Aires is the cultural heart of Argentina. Therefore, you will find many interesting museums in the city. For example, the National Museum of Fine Arts or The Museum of Latin American Art (MALBA). MALBA’s permanent collection includes a unique variety of works from modern masters throughout South America. You’ll find pieces from historic artists such as Antonio Berni, Xul Solar, Tarsila do Amaral, Frida Khalo, Diego Rivera, Wilfredo Lam, and Gyula Kosice, through to key contemporary figures such as Hélio Oiticica, Lygia Clark, León Ferrari, and Francis Alÿs. The Fine Arts National Museum includes European art from the Middle Ages to the present but also hosts an extraordinary selection of Argentinean art from the last two centuries.
  • Browse the San Telmo Flea Market - If you’re in Buenos Aires on a Sunday, you have to go to the Feria de San Telmo, a huge street bazaar that is visited by over 12,000 people every week. The heart of the market is in Plaza Dorrego, but the vendors stretch out along Defensa Street from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM on Sundays to accommodate the market. In addition to the market’s vendors, you’ll also find musicians, tango dancers, and all kinds of entertainers sharing the street and open-air market.
  • Take a tango lesson - Tango was born in Buenos Aires, so this is the only place to experience this marvelous three-step dance. When planning a trip to Buenos Aires, make sure you include a tango lesson at a local tango hall! To start, learn your first step. Once you have the basics down, visit a traditional Milonga – or dance hall – where locals gather to dance tango. After you’ve worn yourself out on the dance floor, make sure to catch a professional tango show! There are tons of shows in Buenos Aires, so it’s easy to find one no matter where you are in the city.

Buenos Aires Travel – An Adventure Of A Lifetime

While Argentina’s stunning natural areas usually are the star attraction for tourists, Buenos Aires travel is becoming more and more popular! The city is an urban treasure that needs to be experienced if you visit Argentina. No matter what brings you to this amazing South American country, make sure you spend a few days (at least) visiting Buenos Aires! We guarantee you’ll be planning your next visit before you even leave.

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