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Good Odds: Looking for the Northern Lights

“How Likely Is It to See the Northern Lights?” People often ask about the likelihood of seeing the Northern Lights in Alaska, and I wish I had an exact answer. I usually tell people that if you go far north to a place like Fairbanks in the winter, you have a great chance of seeing them. To put it in …

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Trail Northern Lights Hunting

Hunting for the Northern Lights The Northern Lights: The spirits of our ancestors hanging out in the sky, or the scientifically-explainable phenomenon caused by high-speed subatomic collisions? Most folks have heard of the majestic dancing lights in the sky. We all probably know that they are the identical twins of the Southern Lights, and that both are visible near the …

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Does Travel Affect the Brain?

Your Brain on a Plane First, I should begin with a disclaimer: I am not a practicing neuroscientist. In the article that follows, I will explore, reference studies and make my own wild claims about the nature of travel with respect to personality and the psyche, but it is possible, however remotely, that these claims are not 100% accurate. I …

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Why Ecotourism Matters

Why Ecotourism Matters In 2010, tourism as an industry supported more than 14 million jobs, and generated 1.8 trillion dollars in economic impact. That’s enough money to buy everyone in the United States 1,000 boxes of girl-scout cookies. With tourism being such an enormous part of the world economy and globalization making travel more tangible and appealing, it seems clear …

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Just what is “Carbon Offsetting”?

Just what is “Carbon Offsetting”? If you’re like me, you may have heard the phrase “Carbon Offsetting” and cognitively lumped it in the same basket as “sustainability” or “carbon neutrality”, and weren’t 100% clear on what it meant. As the impacts of climate change become more and more central to our lives, so too, does the importance of understanding how …

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