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Coastal Alaska Grizzly Bears Feed on salmon at brooks falls

Alaska Bear Viewing Tours

Alaska is famous for a lot of things: snowy winters, stunning scenery, and its awe-inspiring wildlife. The Alaskan coast is amazing, as are the Northern Lights that you can see in the winter, but one of the main things that many people travel to Alaska to see is the population of North American Brown Bears. Grizzly bears are a subspecies …

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Safe African Safaris

An African Safari is a bucket-list experience for almost everyone. African wildlife includes some of the most iconic species in the world. When traveling to new places, it’s important to research and find out what to expect when you get there. A big question that a lot of people ask when they are planning their vacation to Africa is: are …

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What is an Ecotour? 

What is ecotourism? Ecotourism is travelling responsibly to natural areas. This type of travel conserves wildlife and the environment, sustains the well-being of local people in the destination, and creates knowledge and understanding through education. Ecotourism is similar to sustainable tourism, but with a nature and wildlife focus, and the addition of educational experiences.    How to tell if a …

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glacier kayaking alaska kenai peninsula tour

Best Alaska Summer Tours

Alaska is famous for its snowy vistas and imposing icy scenery, so it might surprise you that for many Alaskan adventures, the best time to visit can be in summer.  The weather is often clearer, providing access to incredible views and great wildlife watching. One of the highlights is that grizzly bears gather every summer in rivers around Alaska in …

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The mountains of Argentina with an orange and yellow sunrise or sunset behind them. There is a lake. There is snow on top of the mountains

The Best Tour of Argentina

Visiting Argentina   So you’re planning to go to Argentina? First of all — excellent choice! Secondly, let this blog post guide you to some of the most unmissable stops for the best possible tour of Argentina.    Argentina is a spectacular place. Argentina is the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world, and the second largest country in South America …

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IMG 5449

How to Plan An Affordable African Safari

There is nowhere in the world to view large animals quite like Africa. Home to some of the most iconic species on the planet, Africa is on many people’s bucket list. At Gondwana Ecotours we believe this opportunity should be available to as many people as possible, that’s why this article is about how to plan an affordable African Safari. …

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The Best Time To See the Northern Lights in Alaska?

Do you want to know when it is the best time to visit Alaska and see the northern lights in Alaska? Are you curious about the best month to see the Northern Lights in Alaska? Do you want to know if you can see the Northern Lights in Fairbanks, Alaska? Or if you are wondering when the best time to …

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Grizzly Brown Bears in a river feeding on salmon at Brooks Falls, Katmai National Park, Alaska

Katmai National Park Bear Tours

Grizzly Bear Viewing at Katmai National Park Katmai National Park is famous for many things; from the valleys and lakes carved out by glaciers, to the active volcanoes and the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes. However, arguably the biggest attraction for people from all over the world is the chance to see grizzly bears up close. Katmai National Park is …

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Humpback whale breaching and jumping up out of the water in Alaska, near Homer.

Alaska Coastal Adventures

What does a true Alaska Coastal Adventure involve?  There is no doubt that the Alaskan coast is amazing. The food, the landscape, the activities, the wildlife – it has everything you could want! But how do you plan an Alaska Coastal Adventure? Which bits are must-dos on every trip?  What should I do on my Alaska Coastal Adventure?  Whale Watching …

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Grizzly bears feeding on salmon in Alaska

Why Do Grizzly Bears Feed on Salmon?

The Best National Parks in Alaska to see Grizzly Bears Feed on Salmon There are certain sights in nature that are iconic; whales breaching the surface of the oceans, eagles soaring over mountains, and grizzly bears feeding on salmon. It may seem too good to be true that all of these sites can be seen in a single state — …

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