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How Likely am I to See the Northern Lights?

How Likely am I to See the Northern Lights?

Seeing the Alaskan Northern Lights can be a life-changing event. The ribbons of colorful light dancing gently across the darkened sky can inspire even the most cynical among us. But like all things that are precious, these light shows are also rare. How likely am I to see the Northern Lights? Well, you have to be in the right place …

The best places to visit Alaska in the summer

The Best of Alaska in the Summer

If you want to know what to do in Alaska in the summer, read on to learn more about our Best of Alaska Summer Tour! What would you do with 8 days in Alaska in the summer? What things are there to do in Alaska in the summer? It’s hard to narrow down all your choices. Glacier trekking? Whale watching? …

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The Wild is Calling: 12 Off the Beaten Path Experiences in Alaska

What do you think of when you hear the word “Alaska?” Wildlife? Incredible natural scenery? The Last Frontier? Adventure? Alaska is all that and more—the place to go when the same-old, same-old summer vacation just won’t do. The place you go to make once-in-a-lifetime memories and experience things you’ll never see or do anywhere else. Thinking of a trip to …

Reasons To Visit the Museum

Voted as one of Alaska’s most popular tourist destinations by USA Today 10 Best Series, the Museum of the North attracts over 90,000 visitors each year. The museum opened in 1929, and houses over 1.5 million artifacts and specimens, which represent millions of years in biological diversity and thousands of years of cultural traditions in the North. Featured image care …

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Where to Watch the Northern Lights in Fairbanks: A Taste of Alaska Lodge

Family Owned and Operated The story of A Taste of Alaska Lodge first begins when Walter Eberhardt came up to Fairbanks in 1947 from Idaho and homesteaded 160 acres of beautiful wilderness landscape. He turned it into a vegetable and hay farm and built a family home on the property. His son David continued to build on the property, expanding …

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Northern Lights Viewing in Fairbanks: Alaska Grizzly Lodge

More Than Just a Fairbanks Bed and Breakfast Many people find themselves searching for a Fairbanks lodge to watch the Northern Lights, and they just don’t know where to begin. One thing to consider is choosing a location outside of the city so that the light pollution from downtown can’t impact your viewing. The less light, the better your views …


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