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Go Tribal: Vacations & Travel Magazine Feature

Go Tribal in Ecuador

2017 is shaping up to be an exciting year for travel. For Gondwana, this means returning to a favorite destination, travelling deep in Ecuador’s Amazon rainforest. Spending time with the Achuar “…a tribe of 6,000 indigenous people still living traditionally in small Amazon communities along the Ecuadorian and Peruvian border” is a huge draw. Vacations & Travel Magazine has featured this trip for adventurers wanting to go tribal. We’re excited to revisit Ecuador and bring new travelers along.

Gondwana Ecotours & the Achuar

Cultural Exchange at it's Finest

Go Tribal: Experience Achuar Rituals & Culture

For Jared Sternberg, Gondwana’s president, Ecuador, the Amazon and the Achuar tribe are very significant. When volunteering in this region post-law school, he was welcomed by this small yet strong community. Spending a summer with the tribe proved to be life changing, as a  revolutionary dream sharing experience was part of the inspiration for Gondwana Ecotours.

Achuar Ceremonies

Like dream sharing, the Achuar practice ancient rituals that connect them with the spirit world. Natural plants become remedies and dreams become part of everyday life. On the trip, guests have the opportunity for “…participating in ancient Achuar ceremonies” and learning about this hidden culture. In fact, many guests consider these experiences to be the highlight of their trip.

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The Amazon Rainforest

An intimate connection with their environment is a defining feature of the Achuar tribe. They view the Amazon rainforest and river as a source of food, water and life. For guests, this means having expert naturalists lead them through the forest. Hosted by Gondwana and Achuar guides, “…this small group tour will see guests exploring the world’s largest river system by foot, plane, motorised canoe and kayak.” For nature lovers, there’s no better place than the Amazon rainforest.

Kapawi Ecolodge

The Achuar recently began to utilize their natural resources in a sustainable yet profitable way. A shining example of this is the Kapawi Ecolodge, created by the tribe to host travelers and teach them about the Amazon. Located on the river’s edge, the ecolodge offers some of the best views and sunsets in the world. Though the setting is rugged rainforest, the upscale treehouses feature eco-friendly, modern amenities.

Ecuador Amazon Adventure

Beginning and ending on the lively streets of Quito, Gondwana’s Ecuador Amazon Adventure is a great way to see all of this country’s treasures. With trips in November and August, there’s plenty of room to join the next 8 day tour. Learn more about trip inclusions here!

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