Bear Watching In Brooks Falls Alaska

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Meet The Bears Of Katmia National Park!

Alaska’s vast and pristine wilderness is home to many wildlife species, including bears. In fact, Alaska is one of the few places in the world where all three species of bears – black, brown, and polar – can be found. Visitors to this great state will enjoy a one-of-a-kind bear viewing experience in Alaska’s national parks.

One of the most popular bear-watching destinations for tourists is Katmai National Park & Preserve, where an estimated 2,200 brown bears live, feed, and hibernate. Many of these bears visit Brooks Falls, Alaska each summer for the annual salmon run. During this spectacular event, the bears demonstrate their remarkable fishing skills as they catch the salmon jumping upstream. Thousands of visitors flock to Katmai National Park each year to watch the bears at Brooks Falls throughout the summer months as they prepare for their winter hibernation.

The Bears of Brooks Falls Alaska Go Fishing

brown bear goes fisshing at Brooks Falls AlaskaWhen you book a stay at Brooks Lodge in Katmai National Park, bear sightings are possible from the moment you step outside each day! At Brooks Falls, Alaska, brown bears gather to feed on the sockeye salmon in the Brooks River and at Brooks Falls. The abundance of salmon in the river provides vital nourishment for the brown bears as they fatten up for the upcoming harsh winter months.

The four wildlife viewing platforms built along the river in Brooks Falls Alaska offer visitors a safe (and spectacular) opportunity to watch these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat while minimizing a potential human impact on the bears. Brooks Lodge is a popular destination for tourists, but when is the best time to see bears at Brooks Falls on this once-in-a-lifetime trip?

  • When to look for bears – July is the best time to see bears at Brooks Falls! Bears are active in Katmai National Park from mid-April until mid-October; however, they are most active during July because that is the peak of the salmon run season at Brooks Falls.
  • Best time of day to see bears – the bears at Brooks Falls, Alaska are most active during daytime hours when they are searching for food. The largest and most successful bears can catch and eat more than 30 salmon (over 120 pounds) a day!
  • How many bears can you see at Brooks Falls? Visitors have counted 50-plus bears fishing at Brooks Falls at one time! The Brooks Lodge viewing platform offers guests a rare opportunity to see groups of bears in one place, at one time.

Brooks Falls Lodge offers guests a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience to watch Alaskan brown bears in their natural habitat, often within minutes of their arrival. Brooks Falls Alaska is just a short walk from the lodge, where guests have the opportunity to participate in some of the world’s best bear viewing from the safety of viewing platforms along the river. The grizzly bears can often be seen catching salmon in their powerful jaws as they navigate the rushing waters of Brooks Falls. This little slice of Alaska, which measures a mile and a half long, offers visitors a rare glimpse into the life cycle of one of the state’s most magnificent creatures.

Homer Alaska Tours To Katmai National Park

Most visitors that venture into Katmai National Park for the day come for the bears! Brooks Falls Alaska is famous for its brown bears, who can be found fishing for salmon during the height of the summer months. You can visit Katmai from several locations in Alaska, including Homer.

Homer Alaska tours to Katmai National Park are very popular, and many tour operators can fly guests via bush plane or float plane into the park for a truly unforgettable bear-watching experience. Once inside the park, visitors can witness the brown bears at Brooks Falls fishing for salmon in the Brooks River or relaxing in their natural habitats.

  • Charter a private float plane to Brooks Falls or join a guid­ed tour to oth­er remote loca­tions with­in the park. Once at the park, enjoy a day of bear viewing at Brooks Falls Alaska, or venture away from the falls with a guide to watch bears digging for clams or wandering in the sedge grass along the river before your return trip to Homer.
  • Several tour operators offer tourists a chance to see bears by helicopter! Booking one of these flights will be the highlight of your trip. Fly out of Homer in a helicopter, which will take you out into Katmai to witness brown bears in the wild.
  • For the less adventurous, a trip to the Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies, Inc. might be in order. Located on beautiful Kachemak Bay just outside of Homer, the center offers many opportunities for visitors of all ages to connect with the outdoors through guided walks, tours, educational programs, overnights, and school programs.

Other visitors choose to visit Lake Clark National Park on a Homer Alaska Tour. Travelers can charter a private flight out of Homer across Cook Inlet, passing active volcanoes and massive glaciers along the way before landing on a sandy beach where they can watch the brown bears that live along the park’s estuary. In addition to bear viewing, this experience offers visitors a unique opportunity to witness the breathtaking beauty of Alaska's wilderness up close and personal. A bush camp is nearby, acting as a base of operations for intrepid explorers, and offers guests a chance to see an old homestead that looks very much like one built by Alaska’s first pioneers.

A Five-Day Adventure at Bear Camp

bear and cubs crossing road in AlaskaIn addition to day trips, many Homer Alaska Tour Operators offer multi-day trips for guests who want to experience life in the Alaskan backcountry. One of the most popular adventures for travelers is a five-day adventure at Alaska Bear Camp! Fly by chartered plane to a deluxe backcountry camp for some of the best bear viewing in the world. This unique trip offers a rare and exclusive wilderness immersion experience to visitors, who can watch bears from the safety of a camouflaged bear viewing platform or simply enjoy the sight of snowcapped mountain peaks in the distance.

No matter where you want to go, Homer offers visitors a great jumping-off point for a wild Alaskan Adventure. With its proximity to stunning national parks and abundant wildlife, Homer is an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts. So, what are you waiting for? Pack up for that once-in-a-lifetime trip to the great state and make Homer your destination for adventure.

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