fairbanks aurora viewing spots

Where to Watch the Northern Lights in Fairbanks: A Taste of Alaska Lodge

Family Owned and Operated

fairbanks aurora viewing spots

Dave and Debbie Eberhardt, founders of A Taste of Alaska Lodge

The story of A Taste of Alaska Lodge first begins when Walter Eberhardt came up to Fairbanks in 1947 from Idaho and homesteaded 160 acres of beautiful wilderness landscape. He turned it into a vegetable and hay farm and built a family home on the property. His son David continued to build on the property, expanding it to 260 acres and opening it up as Taste of Alaska Lodge back in 1992. David and his wife Debbie turned what was a family home into a thriving business, welcoming visitors from around the world into their unique and charming lodge. The lodge has now been passed on to their son Kory and his wife Lily, who run it with the same passion and attention to detail as his parents. You can feel the history and family pride when you stay here, it is much more than just a business, it is a legacy.

see the northern lights in alaska fairbanks

Log Cabin Vibes, Charming & Quirky Decor

fairbanks aurora viewing spots

Antique bottles adorn the walls in this cozy downstairs bedroom.

The lodge has a very rustic, log cabin feel. It has that true Alaskan lodge vibe, and the rooms and common areas are cozy and great for curling up with a book or a mug of tea after a long day of winter adventures like dogsledding or curling. Debbie is a collector of rare antiques, and her finds adorn the walls and shelves all around the lodge. Old bottles and ink wells, toiletry and kitchen items from the 1920’s, you can walk around A Taste of Alaska and always find something new to look at. This style and decor is a huge part of what makes this lodge so unique.

The antique bottles that grace the walls of the downstairs bedroom add a touch of history and charm to the cozy ambiance of the lodge. Each bottle seems to whisper tales of days gone by, intriguing guests and sparking conversations about the past. As guests settle into their warm beds surrounded by these artifacts of yesteryear, they can’t help but feel a sense of connection to the rich heritage of the Alaskan wilderness. The rustic allure of A Taste of Alaska Lodge is not just in its log cabin aesthetics but also in the intricate details that Debbie has meticulously curated to create a truly unforgettable experience for all who visit.

Incredible Views, Delicious Meals

fairbanks aurora viewing spots

Enjoy fine dining while taking in views of the mountains.

From your seat in the dining room you can see the jagged snowy peaks of the Alaska mountain range: Mt. Debra, Mt. Hunter and Mt. Hayes lined up in a row above a massive expanse of boreal forest. There are snowy spruce trees as far as the eye can see. And the dining room isn’t for just views! Kory and Lily cook up incredible homemade meals, breakfasts with pancakes and fresh fruit, and dinners including grilled steaks and fresh Alaskan Halibut. With local beer on tap and attentive personal service, you can’t ask for a better in house dining experience.

As you savor the last bite of your delicious meal, the sun begins its descent behind the grand mountains, casting a golden hue across the expansive landscape. The evening sky transforms into a canvas of vibrant colors, painting a breathtaking scene that complements the exquisite flavors lingering on your palate. Kory and Lily make sure every dish is a culinary masterpiece, reflecting the beauty of the natural surroundings that envelop the lodge. And as the stars start to twinkle above the rugged peaks, you realize that this dining experience is not just about the food—it’s a harmonious blend of flavors, views, and hospitality that creates unforgettable memories.

What Makes it Such a Great Aurora Viewing Spot?

fairbanks aurora viewing spots

The Northern Lights shine over A Taste of Alaska Lodge

Far removed from the lights of the city, the Aurora is especially visible here in the wilderness. From your room it is only a 10 second walk down the hill to get unparalleled views of the Northern Lights. You can get a truly unobstructed 360 degree view from here, great for spotting distant Aurora and for capturing incredible photographs. Not only is the view great, but there is heated yurt with couches and a wood burning stove so you can relax and stay warm in between the light shows. These are just a few reasons we rank it as one of the best Fairbanks aurora viewing spots.

fairbanks aurora viewing spots

Relax and warm up in the heated yurt while watching the Aurora

Being out on this wilderness property is great for people who love to explore. After a day of exciting adventures like meeting friendly reindeer or soaking in hot springs, strap on a pair of snowshoes and explore the nearby hiking trails. We regularly see moose on the property, so keep your eyes peeled for wildlife!

On our Northern Lights Ecotour, our Aurora guide stays up so you don’t have to! Rest after full days of exciting activities like dogsledding and snowshoeing, and we will come let you know when the Northern Lights appear. Personal services like this, along with our unique activities, are what make a trip with Gondwana ecotours so special. Come enjoy a tour with us and stay at the incomparable A Taste of Alaska Lodge for a winter vacation you will never forget!

Discover the Enchanting Aura of Fairbanks’ Northern Lights

Learn more about why exactly the Aurora viewing so awesome in Fairbanks. Aurora viewing in Fairbanks offers an unparalleled spectacle of nature’s wonder, with its position beneath the “Aurora Oval” making it one of the best places on Earth to witness the Northern Lights. The city’s location far from light pollution and its clear winter skies provide optimal conditions for viewing the vibrant dance of colors across the night sky. Visitors to Fairbanks can enjoy the magical experience of witnessing this awe-inspiring phenomenon in a serene and picturesque Arctic environment.

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