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Fall 2017 Aurora Update + Press from Travel & Leisure Magazine

Fall 2017 Aurora Viewing Update from Fairbanks

After a 2016-2017 aurora viewing season with a 100% success rate, we weren’t sure what to expect this year. Since this season is one of the last chances to see the Aurora before solar activity declines in the coming years, we were anxious to see what sort of light shows this fall would bring.

Well, despite our concerns, we are happy to announce that Fall 2017 has turned out to be one of our best seasons yet! The solar activity that causes the Aurora is measured using the KP index. It goes from 0-9 and just to give you an idea, I saw lights last year at a level 2 that were spectacular. Each month has had multiple showings above level 4. A level 5 night in September was reported by our guides as one of the most incredible displays they have ever seen in all their years in Fairbanks. There is expected to be another level 4 tonight with clear weather, so it’s not slowing down yet!

see the northern lights in alaska fairbanks

Weather has been spotty and cloudy at times, but it has always cleared up in time for our tours to catch some Aurora viewing. Fairbanks recently got a whole bunch of snow, so we have been enjoying dogsledding and plan to do some snowmobiling and cross country skiing in the near future. The spruce forests and mountains are covered in a beautiful blanket of white powder. Perfect for a snow shoe adventure through the trails in back of our cozy lodge outside of town.

alaska aurora dogsledding

dogsledding in Fairbanks, Alaska

At the moment, we are still sporting a 100% rate for our tours seeing the lights in 2017 and we are keeping our fingers crossed to continue that streak. Since we plan all our tours with the solar cycle and viewing conditions in mind, we can say we are feeling pretty confident that the rest of this season will be just as great. Reserve your spot to come see the lights with us in 2018, its going to be some of the last great viewing until after 2020!

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Gondwana Northern Lights Ecotour Featured in Travel & Leisure Magazine!

aurora photography tour

Photographers capturing the Aurora in Fairbanks

We are excited to announce that Travel & Leisure Magazine named Gondwana’s Northern Lights Ecotour as one of their “Great Photography Trips Around the World”. One of the reasons that tour is such a great choice for photographers is our “Night Guide” service. In addition to providing pre-trip photography advice, our Night Guide is on hand from dinner through 3am to provide personal wake up calls when the Aurora becomes active and bring you hot tea and cocoa while you are watching outdoors. This night guide is always an experienced photographer so they can provide expert assistance to help you make the most of your camera. This is a once in a lifetime experience, so we know you want to go home with the perfect shot. Remember, not all cameras are created equal for Aurora photography, so make sure to have all the appropriate gear you need and bring your manual in case we need to adjust settings. Nothing can truly capture the experience of seeing the Aurora in person, but with proper planning and photography experts on hand, your photos will amaze friends and family back home.
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