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The Columbus Dispatch: Northern Lights Photo Tour

Trip of the Week: Northern Lights Photo Tour

Sometimes, you don’t have to travel far to get a dose of exotic culture. To prove this point, The Columbus Dispatch has named Gondwana’s Northern Lights Ecotour as their trip of the week! Though seeing the northern lights is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, their readers don’t need to go far to achieve it.

Nature and Culture in Fairbanks

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Sunrise in Alaska

The article focuses on the trip’s highlights, seeing “local culture by day and the opportunity to photograph the aurora borealis by night. With 6 days in Alaska, there is plenty of time to explore the nature and culture in Fairbanks. There are plenty of exciting adventure to keep your days full (think snowshoeing, dog sledding, and soaking in hot springs), but the real spectacle comes at night.

Experience the Aurora

Since many of our guests have never been to Alaska or seen the Aurora, Gondwana takes care of the guesswork so you can enjoy your trip. Not only are lodges, most meals and activities planned in advance, but we also provide support for capturing the Aurora. “In the evenings, guests get the chance to see the northern lights and take pictures.” With personalized wake-up calls when the aurora is active, to working with a professional photographer, Gondwana provides additional luxuries that help you capture the moment. We’ve been hosting tours in Alaska for years, and are ready to help our guests experience the Aurora.

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Photographing the Northern Lights

There are some basic guidelines for photographing the northern lights. There are certainly many factors to consider, such as time of year, cloud cover and proximity to city lights, but what about the photography and gear?

Resources to Help Plan Your Northern Lights Photo Tour:

Trip of the Season: Northern Lights Ecotour

Many thanks to The Columbus Dispatch for naming Gondwana’s Northern Lights Ecotour as their trip of the week! However, in our opinion it’s the trip of the season! Visit our website to learn more about the aurora and trip inclusions.

Download Our Northern Lights Brochure Here.

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