Jena Frederick

Medium Interactive

“The trip was perfection. I appreciated being able to travel with little to none of the typical extra work and little inconveniences. All details and extras and stuff that needed a little ironing was all taken care of by Jared. He left no stone unturned to get us to a place where few stones are ever unturned. I felt comfortable in a foreign country knowing how well traveled Jared is and seeing how capably he interacted with everyone involved along the way.The places he found and the adventures planned/suggested and offered were all fabulous. He was accommodating, open, available and so so so pleasant. Simply a joy to be around. If you want to broaden your horizons and go to exotic places all while feeling taken care of and in good hands I recommend Gondwana Ecotours. I truly enjoyed the mix of luxury, rugged adventure, great food and enough swank to keep my whole family happy at every turn”

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