Alaska for Nature Lovers

About Travel: Alaska for Nature Lovers

Experiential Travel

A shift is happening in travel; More people are choosing to spend their vacation time and resources on experiences rather than gimmicks. “You may have heard the buzzword phrase “experiential travel,” which basically means trips that focus more on connecting with a place or with the locals, or on a personalized and immersive journey aimed at teaching you something new.”

Gondwana’s new Katmailand & Kenai Peninsula Bear Ecotour, and our popular Northern Lights Ecotour focus entirely on Alaska’s natural wonders. This is the perfect trip for nature lovers, and About Travel agrees! They featured our two Alaskan ecotours on their list of The Best USA Guided Tour for Every Personality.

Katmailand & Kenai Peninsula Bear Ecotour

Surprisingly, you can see wild grizzly bears in nature, without meeting the same fate as Grizzly Man. Led by local, professional guides, “This is a unique trip that offers an opportunity to safely see bears hunt in the wilderness!” During the summer months, the bears feast on the salmon that flow through the Brooks River in Katmai National Park. The lodging for this activity is Brooks Lodge, which overlooks the river where the salmon run. It’s truly a natural wonder to see these giant animals capture their prey. You can get a glimpse of the action on this Youtube video:

Kenai Fjords National Park & Exit Glacier

Though the bears at Kenai are the stars of this ecotour, we have more planned for our guests as well. “You might get lucky and spot whales, sea otters, puffins, and sea lions in Kenai Fjords National Park.” Also within the park lies Exit Glacier, one of Alaska’s most famous ice masses. Renowned for being an example of climate change, this glacier has been researched by scientists and rangers to measure the impact of global warming. Be prepared with an adventurous spirit as you hike through this pristine wilderness.

This inclusive 7 night ecotour sets the vacation up for success, with all lodging, tours, and travel pre-arranged by Gondwana. With the adventures departing in June and July 2017, it’s the perfect time to visit Alaska during the warm summer season. As an added bonus, Gondwana carbon offsets all of our guests’ flights, which makes travelling guilt-free.

Northern Lights Adventure

“If you’re wanting a natural excursion that focuses less on wildlife spotting and more on star gazing, Alaska’s Northern Lights are truly magical.” The northern lights are active between September and March, so that’s when Gondwana goes! Because Fairbanks has typically clear skies, chances of seeing the aurora are even higher – up to 90% if you stay more than three days. We search for the northern lights nightly, and personally wake up guests to see the lights when they’re active. This personalized service allows guests to get a good night’s sleep, without worrying if they’re missing the light show.

Visit Fairbanks

An unforgettable winter experience, the northern lights are a must-see for nature lovers. In addition, Fairbanks has a ton of activities to keep travelers occupied during the daytime. Dog sledding, soaking in the Chena Hot Springs and visiting with reindeer exemplify the variety that this region has to offer.

Alaska for Nature Lovers

For nature lovers, nothing beats exploring new territory. So visiting Alaska, or “the last frontier”, with all of it’s organic beauty is a dream come true. Plan an adventure to Alaska with Gondwana Ecotours, and see for your yourself!

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